Thursday, March 27, 2008

KL Trip

Okay okay, I know I had put off the KL trip for quite long since the day I came back. But please understand. I do have a job and need to sit in the office 8am-5.30pm daily during weekdays. (AND when you are in the office, the access to internet for your own personal stuff is limited, very limited)

Okay, let’s start. (I think this is going to be a long post) Basically, I can summarize my KL trip in one sentence. And that is

Walk, shop, eat, sleep
Walk, shop, eat, sleep
Walk, shop, eat, sleep
Walk, shop, eat, sleep

Walk, shop, eat, sleep

From Day 1 to Day 5. And THAT is the truth. Basically I shop from the moment I came out of LCCT air asia. Without even leaving my luggage back at the place I stay. I carry it with me to 1U. Haha… joking lah. How to shop while carrying a luggage? (I’m not that SHOPAHOLIC, k?) I left it in Cheryl’s friend’s car. *wink*

Day 1 – 1 Utama
Day 2 – Mid Valley and Gardens
Day 3 – Sungai Wang, Lot Ten, Pavilion, KLCC
Day 4 – Sunway, 1 Utama
Day 5 – Home

Well, nothing much to talk about shopping. Here’s some photo of the shopping complex and the stuffs that I bought.

Garden, beside Mid Valley

The posh Pavilion


Some of the clothes

Next, the FOOD. OMG!! The food there at KL is mouth watering. And there are so many choices. HOW COME THERE IS NOT A SINGLE MAMAK STORE IN KUCHING? Kuchingnite, the food here in Kuching is peanuts compare to the food there in KL. The varieties available for you to choose, is like being pampered by a millionaire sugar daddy. It’s that good. *frown* No wonder I gain so much weight after I came back.

Well, to be frank, not all the food there is nice, at least base on the professionalism of my taste bud. So, I’ll divide the food into Heavenly and Hell Earthy food.

1. The mamak food.
I don’t think I need to elaborate more on the specialty and variety of mamak food. The mamak stall is always pack with people at night (Well, at least when I went there to try the food) And there is this one mamak store call the William’s (ya, he is the owner), I tell you, the food is even high class mamak food. Who serves spaghetti with soft shell crab as a dish in mamak? But the price is not normal mamak food price either. Nevertheless, it’s super yummy.

Can you believe how "big" this ribena longan is?

2. Yong Tau Fu
We had this for breakfast at Pudu. Hmmm.. now, what is the difference between the Yong Tau Fu there and here. I would say it’s the variety (again) and the service (LOL). At the table that we sat, there is actually a device with 3 buttons. One for you to order drink, one is for extra service, and the other one when you wanna pay the bill. Cool, right? Whenever you need extra help for the waiter/waiteress, just press the button and they will come serve you in a moment. Why nobody invent this in Kuching? I think it’s a great idea.

3. Donuts
Let me tell you ppl, dunkin’ donut is out of date in KL. The famous one now is the Big Apple donuts. Mentioning it in my blog now make me carve for it. Pevin, if you are reading this, don’t forget you promise to pack and ship it to me using Fedex oh…..

4. Chilli’s/TGI Friday
Western food. Sigh… (happily) Although expensive, but I must say it’s worth every single penny that you paid.

1. Wantan Mee
The wantan mee there is simply different from the wantan mee here. Over there in KL, the mee is Black. Ya, with soy source all over the mee and the wantan separately in a small bowl of soup. Tasteless lah in my opinion.

2. Asam Laksa
Penang asam laksa. Hehe.. I prefer Sarawak Laksa. The asam laksa there is basically eating a bowl of super sour lemon with mee. Not advisable for those with weak stomach, like me.

3. Curry Mee
Hmm.. the curry mee there is OMG super spicy lah… Guess all the food there is really “Kao” (enough) Not like here, the curry is just like normal source. Not spicy at all. Maybe that’s why I’m not use to the curry mee there. Nearly choke me when I took the first bite.

Nay.. No pic. Since it doesn't attract me.

Next, I can’t help talking about the cinema there. Here in Kuching, with the cinema being dominated by Star Cineplex. I only went to Singapore cinema once last year. And my small little brain all this while thought that all the cinema in M’sia is the same as those available here in Kuching. Boy, how wrong am I? The cinema there in KL is worth 8 stars and those in Kch is worth 3 stars only (The more stars the better)

Here in Kuching, there is only economic class. Everyone get the same treatment. But there in KL, the cinema is divided into economic class, business class and VIP class, all depends on your affordability. If you want a nicer environment, just pay more. It’s such a good sale tactics. (Why can’t the Kch ppl learn this? Hmm.. guess the market here is just poor) Ok, back to the GSC, that day we went and have a business class movie. Haha.. Guess we are just too tired to shop anymore.

Like a big hotel's lobby

The cinema there is big, and the seats are spacious. One of the seats there is equivalent to 2 of the seats here in Star. And it’s really CLEAN there. No smelly funny smell, (one of my friend complains that when they watch the movie here in Kch, they actually think the room smell of pee) no popcorns on the seat or on the carpet on the floor. It’s like going into a fine meeting room to meet the CEO. You can even breath easier, and can have your legs crossed up in the seat (No cramp after watching the movie).

Can you believe it's actually the waiting area in the cinema?

And if you some how wanna eat in the cinema, it’s actually possible by ordering at a café and they will serve the food to you in the cinema while you are watching the movie. And the quality of the food, it’s actually quite nice. It’s like a mini restaurant standard.

Can’t wait for GSC to open at Spring.

In the end, this is how I turned out. I hate myself for uploading this pic. (But secretly I think it's cute. Haha.. Muka tembok)

Cheryl, I will remember this.. Taking this photo while I'm deeply asleep. Don't forget I got ur "Kampung" girl photo oh.. Maybe I will post it next time.. ;)

On second thoughts, I decided to delete it. (The photo) =P

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Been very busy since I touched down in Kuching from KL on Sunday. The infamous Air Asia has been giving me the usual treatment, by delaying the flight for half an hour, causing me to wait in the aeroplane with nothing to do.

After touched down, basically there is not a single free moment. Once reach home sweet home, I start to unpack all my stuff. But because my wardrobe is basically packed, I just pack back my new clothes into the luggage. And throw out all the clothes that need to be wash.

After finish unpacking, bathed and chit chatting with family members, we had dinner. (Oh, although KL food is super nice, but I still miss my mum’s home cook dinner, which is very delicious in my opinion) After dinner I was sitting in front of the tv watching cartoon and resting but my eyes can’t help closing up on their own. By 7pm, I was lying in bed slowing easing into dreamland.

Then Monday, needless to say, Monday I was super busy with work. At first I plan to write something in my blog (at least informing ppl that I’m back in Kch now, but sorry guys, no time) Only manage to get back to home around 6.30pm. After dinner, was busy calculating my income tax stuff, which I had put off for 2 weeks already. After finishing the super long and tedious calculation, I had this urge to go buy a new wardrobe for my clothes. Been looking through this xiaxue’s blog and I can’t help feeling envy over her amount of clothes and “chiong?” (the word that she like to use) princess bedroom. (Too pink for my liking (Yucks! in fact) but I like the amount of clothes and makeup and shoes that she had)

So, I went out with my sis to this one stop shop to look for this easy to make clothes wardrobe. And this is when I met this “diao geh” young mother. Apparently the wardrobe that I plan to buy got a special promotion price but it’s only available if you got this member card. Unfortunately for me, this is the first time I bought something from this shop, so, I was looking around at the cashier when I plan to purchase the wardrobe, hoping to see a person with the member card. Then this young mother, ‘cun cun’ made a purchase of more than RM10 and manage to get a free member card. So, I walked over and ask whether I can just borrow her card to make my purchase. And this ‘tulan’ young bumiputra (no idea which race, but no tudung) lady (at first I thought maybe a lady will be a bit nicer, so, I asked her lor) said “Tapi saya baru dapat saja” (which translates to “ I just gotten this card”). SO?? WHAT IF U JUST GOTTEN THIS CARD? CAN’T YOU JUST BORROW IT TO ME FOR MAYBE… 5 SECONDS? FOR ME TO FLASH IT TO THE CASHIER? IS IT SO HARD FOR YOU TO PART WITH YOUR NEW MEMBER CARD THAT YOU CAN’T SURVIVE WITHOUT IT IN UR HAND FOR THE REST OF UR LIFE???? @$#@%#@^#$

Basically I was fuming with the attitude this girl shown me. How can she be so cold-hearted? Which causes me to actually have this idea that I will be this cruel/cold hearted with other ppl like the way this girl treats me, so that I will have the sense of revenge. But on second thought, other ppl are innocent le… Hmph.. This is so unfair. Why ppl can treat me like that but I can’t treat ppl the same way too? Oh, now I know why they say revenge taste good. It does indeed taste good because you finally find a place to vent ur anger and now the beacon is pass to another unknown stranger. Haha…

Okie, enough about this little incident. Back to my little blue wardrobe. So, basically the whole night I was busy constructing the wardrobe from zero to finally transferring my dresses and jackets to the new wardrobe. I figure out that the clothes wardrobe might not be so lasting, so, I transfer those seldom wear clothes to this wardrobe to prevent it from falling to bits in less than 3 months.

Well, that’s all what happened when I came back from KL until now. At first I planned to show my kl shopping experience and the food there.. But last night incident with the lady keeps running through in my mind. I can’t help it but write it down here to stop myself from feeling so de-moralized by the attitude shown.

Coming out next, if nothing extra-ordinary happens, I will post some of the photos from KL… soon. I promise.

Friday, March 21, 2008

From KL

Hi all, I'm currently blogging from Cheras KL, from one of Cheryl's fren's PC. Hehe.. He's currently asleep and Cheryl's on the phone. So, basically I had the whole pc to my own.

Ok, a short review of what happened when I touched down at KL yesterday at 4pm. First we go shopping at 1 U. (straight from the airport. We din even bother to put our luggage 
back to the house. we just left it in Pevin's car
) There I bought 2 shirts. Today, we went to Mid Valley and Garden. Needless to say, I walked till my legs hurt! Today's achievement is 2 tops and 1 dress. And since this dress is quite expensive, the shop (ISETAN) actually gave us a pearl. YES, a REAL pearl, taken from an oyster right in front of our eyes! o.0 Sorry oyster, I really do not have any idea they got life oysters in a shopping mall.

Okie, tat's the update for today. Tomorrow, Sungai Wang!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Leaving Kuching in less than 4 hours

Everybody....... I will be leaving Kuching in less than 4 hours time. What?? Where am I going? haha...


And will only be back on Sunday. So, for these few days while I'm at KL on my shopping spree, I will have limited or no access to Internet. However, I will try to blog some of my shopping experience if I got the chance.

Yay!! Can't wait to go KL and shop till I drop. Haha...

C u....

Miss u all~ Muacks..

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bako Trip - III

Attack by the Monkey

On Sunday morning, it's pouring cats and dogs at Bako. When I finally woke up the next morning, it's 9.30am already. However, the older gang already went out for their morning walk while the others are still fast asleep in the bed.

Since I woke up already, I don't plan to wake up the others, I took my detective book and biscuit, and went out to the veranda to sit there and read my book. While I'm engrossed reading my book and looking at the nice scenery around me once in a while and listening to the sound of the waves hitting the beach., I heard a loud thump. When I tore away my eyes from the book, I actually saw a Monkey on the railing.

The nasty bad monkey who attack me

Bad monkey opening the aluminiun foil and ate all my breakfast.

Needless to say, I was making a fool out of myself by eating alone out in the open air. That damn monkey suddenly walk over and attack at me while I'm busy taking photo of it. It was really a shock when the monkey suddenly jump over towards me. I was so scared that I quickly hide myself into the bedroom. BUT~~~~~

My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw a Monkey at my bed. I can't stand it anymore. I shouted and woke up Cheryl and Nick. And the monkey ran out of the window in less than a second. I quickly retold me encounter to them and Nick went out to the veranda to check out. While Cheryl and I are busy closing up the windows. Apparently these monkeys are so intelligent in a way, since they know to open the mosquito netting and group work.

Monkeys everywhere on the ground and walkway. The most I calculated is 6 Monkeys

We called for our sampan to pick us up at 11.30am. On the way back, we actually saw a real life crocodile sunbathing on one of the pipe! Luckily it's not a full-grown croc. In my opinion, I think it's a teenage crocodile.

Crocodile sunbathing (Can you spot it?)

Back home, this is the present from Bako~ Sunburn...
And body ache.. for 2 days

Monday, March 17, 2008

Bako Trip - II

Telok Pandan Kecil Beach

Now, our second part is to jungle trek to Telok Pandan Kecil Beach. By now, the sun is scorching hot! I can feel the sunlight penetrating into my t-shirt burning my tender skin. =P Along the way, we didn’t do much talking. All our focus was on reaching our destination soon. The sooner the better so that I can rest and get some shade away from the hot sun.

After continuing trekking for an hour, we reach the peak of a small hill where there is no trees at all. On top of the cliff where we are standing, we can oversea the beautiful beach, which is where we are heading next, Telok Pandan Kecil Beach. The surface of the rock is funny here. Apparently the cliff we are standing on has an uneven surface, with moon-like surface. We didn’t stay long at the cliff. I do not have the intention to get dehydrated up there.

The view from the peak
A very tired me. (As predicted)
Weird surface on the cliff.

Next our journey is all the way downhill. Climbing downhill is always not as hard as climbing uphill. So, within 45 min we finally reach our destination.

A very very tired ME

By then, the midday hot afternoon sun is as its full blossom, showing its powerful sunray down on us mercilessly. Once my feet touched the sandy beach, I half hearted run all across the beach to the shady area. There, sitting under the rocks (which naturally form a cave-like view) we had our picnic. After lunch we explore around while taking photos.

The cave like shady area where we are having our picnic aka lunch.

Exploring while taking photos...

More photo taking

This is the full view of the beach we are having our lunch at. Telok Pandan Kecil Beach.

Some of the weird stones there at the beach. (looks like crocodile mouth to me)

We stay around at the beach for an hour like that. After that, it’s all the way back to our point 1. Needless to say, the way back is not so tiring, (Guess my body is getting used to it) but the weather is the main culprit here. It’s just damn HOT!! Like I’m walking in a dessert. Finally around 4pm, we reach our cabin, not before I drank 1 can of 100plus and 1 big glass of cold water to stop my heat stroke.

After bath, basically we all slept like a pig until dinner time. On our way to the café, that’s when we really saw a real life pig. Cheryl’s mum called it the bearded pig. (As these pigs really go have beard on their face)

Bearded pig (An ugly creature in my opinion)

Next we talk a scroll by the beach before we had dinner. Needless to say again, the beach is such a pretty sight when it’s sunset time. Here are some of the photos….

The sunset sky

The beach during sunset (This is one of my favorite photo)

The red sky

And that marked the end of Day 1.

Next, Bako Trip – III (Attack by the Monkey)

Bako Trip - I

Hi, I'm back. Actually I didn't disappear into thin air during the weekend. In fact, I went mountain climbing and jungle trekking at Bako National Park for a two days one night trip.

On Saturday morning, I park my little myvi at Cheryl's house and went with her family for breakfast first at pending. This trip comprises of 6 persons, Cheryl’s mum and dad, uncle, Cheryl, nick and me. So this group is divided into 2 age groups, the old vs the young. After breakfast, we went to Bako terminal to take a sampan (a type of small boat) to Taman Negara Bako. Currently the only way to reach Bako National Park is through boat. When we get ready to ride in the boat, this sign board attracts me.

Beware of crocodile!! (wtf!!) Apparently there is crocodile alive and kicking in the river. The boat trip took approximately 1 hour and a half. The trip is awesome. Sitting in the open air sampan, looking at the beautiful scenery, light breeze blowing into ur face, river water splashing unto ur face and the light bumpy ride. I got this feeling that I’m returning back to Mother Nature.

Finally, we arrive at the National Park around 10am. We put our luggage at the guest room since the cabin is not ready yet. Then we started our jungle trekking cum mountain climbing. For the first 15 minutes, I had a tough time catching up with the gang, since I didn’t do any warming up. But luckily after I get used to it, the rest of the trip is significantly easier. But still it’s hard to keep up with the old gang. (I had no idea where they get the stamina from. The truth is I’m constantly pushing myself, else I’ll feel extremely embarrassing if the uncle and aunty need to stop to wait for me)

Once we step out of the sampan, this sign board greets us.

Some of the wild plants we saw on the our trekking.

On the way to our first destination. As can be seen from the photo, I'm tired. ~_~ (can't even keep my eyes properly open)

At last, we reach our first destination, the Telok Pandan Besar Beach. (1.9km) The scenery here is breathtaking. We stopped to take a break and photo taking session.

The scenery as seen from my first destination. The view is fantastic.

I’m camwhoring around with my camera. Feeling so damn proud of myself for making it this far. (I'll most probably get "Boo" at by Cheryl when she saw this T.T)

Next: Bako Trip - II - Next destination: Telok Pandan Kecil Beach.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Is marriage scared

Now, most of you will probably wondering why am I putting up the topic "Is marriage sacred?". This is the topic that has been going through my mind since last night. And finally I would be able to pen it down here in my blog.

Last night, I was following my mum to go to a sister's house for our weekly church home meeting. When the meeting finish and on our way home, my mum suddenly told us that one of the lady who was attending the meeting too (a first timer, since I never saw her before) was actually abandon by her husband! Yes, you heard me correctly. ABANDON by her own husband. Somemore, during the meeting, the lady bring along two sons, who are still young, most probably around 3-5 years old only.

I'm really saddened with the situation that this world has become. Marriage is not consider as life-long nor is it sacred anymore. Where is all the bows and promises made during the wedding? (not to mention the commitment too) Imagine the young mother, who is only in her early 30's, bringing up two young children on her own. How her heart must be broken into thousand pieces when her husband left her. And the young children, what will happen to them? When they grow older and release that their own biological father actually left them. I really cannot imagine....

Here, I would like to share a story that I heard and I think it's very meaningful (To readers of Little Rainbow, by now u should know that I never really talk about religion thingy in my blog, but I would like to make an exception today) I called it the footprints story.

Here, the beach is consider the heart. When you are feeling happy, it's like walking side by side with Jesus on the beach. And from the beach floor, you will see there are 4 footprints along the trail. However, when you are facing problem or when you are depressed, there is only 2 footprints left on the beach. Why? Because you had abandon Jesus? or the other way round, Jesus abandon you?

The answer is, there are only 2 footprints left on the beach because Jesus is actually carrying us from His back. When the situation become so hard to breath, Jesus never abandon us. In fact, He willingly shoulder all our pain and burden.
*I'm not very good at telling this story, but I hope the story gets thru...

I just hope that this young lady will be able to heal as time passes. Among all the scars in the world, emotional scar is the hardest to heal.... hardest to forget.... hardest to let go.... Although she might lost hope in Human, I hope she will be able to seek santuary from God.

Let's pray this young mother will be able to stay strong for her sons' sake.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

TVB newest drama series

Last night, I watched the latest TVB drama series (currently still downloading) "The master of Tai Chi". Continously watched 5 episodes last night after dinner without taking a break. Tonight if I still have the time, I will continue my persuit. ^_^ (Although the latest episode available for downloading is only Episode 11) The drama was lead by one of the chinese actor that I really like






Vincent Zhao Wen Zhou.

I always had the liking for martial arts actor since when I'm small. I think all these guys are really "Man" in the movie. Especially the character "Wong Fei Hung". I grow up watching these type of movie. That's why my favorite chinese male actors are Jet Li and Zhao Wen Zhou. It's not the typical Andy Lau or Tony Leung nor pretty face boy Takeshi Kaneshiro.

In most of the 80's or 90's movie, most of the movie/drama starring Jet Li/Vincent Zhao is the typical male character with supreme martial art skill/kung fu. Although they are the top in their field, apparently they have no social skill how to court girls or have a decent talk with opposite sex. But this does not mean that they do not care for their love one (which in fact they really care a lot about their love ones, just brotherhood/mission in life is more important than lover).

Hehe.. last time I used to think that this is the type of guy that I will fall in love with. But after growing up and having relationship, I notice that this is not the typical guy category that girl will look for as future boyfriend/husband. Haha... So, my dream scatters. But still..... I like watching their movie.

p/s: I do think they are really handsome. Although some might say they are so-so.