Saturday, November 24, 2012

L'occitane and Estee Lauder Sample

This month I managed to get samples from both L'occitane and Estee Lauder. The sample can be redeem at the Spring. How do you redeem the sample, just go to their facebook and follow the instructions there.

Monday, November 19, 2012

My FM Kuching

Went out for lunch one afternoon and luck was on our side and me and my colleagues when My FM team was just on the same block giving out gifts. 

The following are the gifts we managed to get from My FM.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Softlan Breast Cancer Charity Campaign

This month is World Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Come help Softlan Malaysia’s collect 1,000,000 pledges for its “A Touch of Love, A Touch of Life” movement. 

 The objectives of the campaign are:
1) To promote public education on general health and breast healt issues
2) To help adolescent girls and women to understand the facts related to the breast
3) To teach women how to examine the normal changes in their breast and how to recognise signs of early breast cancer
4) To emphasize on breast awareness, which means knowing how your breasts look and feel and being alert to any changes in your breasts that you may notice while showering, dressing, etc.
5) To encourage and urge regular practice of monthly Breast Self Examination (BSE) and annual mammograms to increase chances of early detection of breast cancer

So, what are you waiting for? Help Softlan to raise RM100,000 donation to Breast Cancer Charities or collect 1,000,000 pledges. Click here for more details. 

Or go to the link below:

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Porkies @ Jalan Song, Kuching

Porkies is one of the restaurant that serve plenty of pork (as the name suggested ;)) and variety of foreign beer

During the month of October, since I feel like eating pork rib, I suggested to hubby to go Porkies to have dinner. Viola, when we reached there, it's full of Oktoberfest theme, with Irish song, Irish waiters and waiteress, and Irish beer. However, due to my condition, I just order normal drink instead of trying out the beer. 

The food we ordered that night, pork rib, garlic bread, and mix grilled. In the end we cannot finish the food and leftover some fries and corn.

Garlic bread. Good in my opinion..

The so-called famous pork rib at Porkies. But the pork rib that night was not really up to standard, it's not that juicy...

My "full-moon" face

Mixed Grilled. Honestly the meat all taste nearly the same

Overall, the food was only so-so that night. I noticed that the food at Porkies do varies each time I ate there. Maybe there are several cooks and when you are lucky, you get to try the food from better chef than others. How would I rate this place, for the price that you pay, I think you can get better food at other restaurant. 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Online Shopping (Bag Organizer, Sewing machine)

Recently bought quite a few items through online. Nowadays it is getting difficult to really walk around the shopping mall and spend hours window shopping without feeling tired or aching here and there. 

So, I resort to online shopping. Keke... Just finger clicking and the items will deliver to your door step. Besides that, I noticed nowadays, most of the items sell online, you can't really find it around Kuching shopping mall. Or maybe it's available, but the price will be definitely higher than the price being offer online. 

So, the items which I have bought these few weeks are a bag organizer from milkadeal and a mini sewing machine from Overall both are good purchase, although I faced some hiccup (nightmare of shopping online without testing the product) with the sewing machine but the merchant is super friendly and helpful and solved all my problem.

I guess in future, I will resort to online shopping more and more with the busier/more hectic life ahead.

Bag organizer from milkadeal (Orange colour)

Mini Sewing machine from

Benefits of online shopping:
1) More choices available.
2) Convenient, can browse and shop at home without going out.
3) Better pricing (Pay less for consumer) as online shop does not have to consider shop rental, staffs, maintenance, and utilities fee.

Disadvantage of online shopping:
1) No guarantee on the product quality. As we can only judge base on the picture.
2) Sizes might not fit or not according to the measurement stated.
3) Sometimes, restock might takes weeks or months although we have paid for it.