Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Food, Eating and Rain

All I had been doing during off day is to go eat, eat, eat and eat. Basically, yesterday I went out with my sis to Bouvelard intending to have sushi king at first. But unfortunately the sms for buy 1 free 1 did not come at all even though I had follow the instruction and sent out an sms (cost me RM3.50!)

So in the end, we ended up eating at sushiking's nearby neighbour, Rasamas. Since I never eaten there before, so I thought why not. (Although secretly I wanted to eat at Ipoh Town (which unfortunately I tried before). My main aim is either sushi king or something new. So, Rasamas in we went.

After discussing for 5-7 long minutes with my sis, we finally decide to order this Feast for 2. (as picture below). We choose the Golden Chicken. Look at the pic, isn't the chicken looks tasty and juicy.

The advertising is very very good.

But when the food came, it's such a disappointment. Look at the chicken, it looks like it's being baked for too long until all the juice evaporated into the atmosphere. Overall, I gave the food here 6 stars out of 10. (The soup by the way is tasteless)

The "skinny" chicken
The whole set

Then at night, I went out with the shift C people to eat buffer at Holiday Inn. The theme that night is Vietnamese food. However, there is quite a variety of desserts, breads and sushi. (Yippee! To compensate since I didn't manage to have one in the afternoon) But since nobody except me was taking the photo, I feel a bit paise (shy shy) and only took 3 photos then stop and enjoy my food and chit chatting with them. It turned out that I am the only girl that night. Lucky me, the princess of the night... Haha....

The cheese cake and tiramisu is tasty
The sushi. Besides this, there is also some sashimi with salmon fillet on top. And the japanese sifu is nice enough to gave me a hand-roll too. ^_*

Now, while sitting here and writing this post, I do feel a bit regret. Why? Cause my first intention was to lose weight when I go for shift. But now apparently it turns out that I might actually gain weight instead of losing it. T_T Somebody please control me. And the movie that I am aiming to watch (Forbidden Kingdom by Jet Li and Jackie Chan) failed miserably yesterday and today due to the rain that poured from the sky as suddenly as the fart coming out of my butt's hole. ~_~

Monday, April 28, 2008

Phua Chu Kang in Kuching?

PCK Pte Ltd, best in Singapore and JB, some even say in Batam. Dun Pray Pray....

That's the opening for famous Phua Chu Kang, best known for his hit tv series, with his distinguish big mole, being "bombed" hair style and shining yellow safety boot.

Look at the crowd. Mostly it's kids in front of the stage. (Some warming up [people dressing up like PCK] before PCK makes the big appearance)
Look at it. Even the second floor is filled with people. Really people mountain people sea.

Believe it or not when the famous Phua Chu Kang actually arrived in Kuching for 3 days and appear at tHe Spring to promote the uniquely singapore? Well, you gotta believe it. Because, yesterday I went to spring and actually saw the real person. OMG, he is indeed funny. And lots of kids adore him as an idol.

Apparently my dad is a fan of his too... Since it's his idea to actually go there and watch him. (Funny? I think that is very funny lah, your own dad, imagine tat!)

Sorry ya, due to the limited space I can actually stand and look at his performance, this the best picture I can take. I'm not sure why, but apparently I look like a very kind hearted person. First there is this aunty and asked me to leave some space so that her daughter would be able to watch PCK. Then there is another young lady tapped on my shoulder and asked me to give way so that an old lady (I think she is even older than my grandma, around 90 like tat) can watch Phua Chu Kang too.

Yupe, that's him. With the un-mistakable yellow boots.

That is when I give up. I gave up my spot and walked all the way to the MPH book shop and bought a book that I was aiming for quite a time now. Ta-Da~ Here is it....

What is it inside? This book. ^_^ And apparently this book is on 20% discount if you got the member card. But I manage to borrow from a very nice lady when I make the payment at the counter. RM25.50! Can you believe it?

After walking out of the bookstore satisfied, I actually saw this event on the other side of Spring, but apparently all the crowds are attracted by PCK show.

Mini car racing track. But nobody here.. Less than 10 people..

Then I planned to go have a Big Apple donut, since most of the crowd will be busy watching PCK. BUT, how wrong was I!! There is still a crowd there. I give up in the end and walk back to watch PCK. This time, I manage to take some photo that is showing his face. Haha...

Sorry guys. That is the best I can take.

Side effect from working in the fab 12 hours per day

A picture speaks thousand words...


Sunday, April 27, 2008

Getting Old

Recently, I found out that my life is getting a little bit tasteless. Why? Maybe because I finally release that I'm reaching my mid 20's? And going towards the big 3 very soon... Now, why do I had this feeling that I'm getting older? This is due to the following reasons...

1. When you come back from travelling, you bought stuffs/souvenir for others where as when u r young, you only bought stuff for yourself.

2. When you wake up at 8 am in the morning althought it's an off day or a holiday. Unlike uni time, where you wake up in the mid afternoon when there is no class and have both breakfast and lunch together, known as branch.

3. You don't nap anymore. No matter how free or boring you are, you just can't flop into bed in the afternoon and take a nap anymore.

4. When you prefer to stay at home even though it's a Saturday night and prefer watching tv/movie than clubbing.

5. When you feel like leaving home and having your own life.

Monday, April 21, 2008

What Is Your Seduction Style?

Your Seduction Style: The Charmer

You're a master at intimate conversation and verbal enticement.
You seduce with words, by getting people to open up to you.
By establishing this deep connection quickly, people feel under your power.
And then you've got them exactly where you want them!

Small little tips

What had I done during my off day? Hehe... Finally I got the chance to tidy up my little bling bling yesterday. Before that I used to keep all my earrings in a small little gift box. But it's so in a mess that I seldom took the box out and change my earrings as frequently as I love to. Most of the time, I will be just using the small little earring and wear it for the longest time possible, just to prevent my "peep-a-boo" holes from closing up.

So, yesterday I was having this little window shopping at Smart supermarket at King Center while waiting for my sister to come over and pick me up to go Saberkas together, I come across the tupperware section. Previously I had scout some of the kitchen sections at some of the supermarket but the only thing I can find is a tupperware lunch box with 3 humongous sections. (Which is not my taste at all) But lucky star is shining upon me yesterday. I actually manage to find this type of small container. This container purpose is actually to segregate all the buttons in a neat and tidy way. But what the heck, I can transform it and become my personal earrings box. *wink*

Last night, it took me 45 min to clear all my earrings into my personal little jewelery containers. And here is the outcome.

My pretty earrings. Some I bought it, some was gift from friends and my sis.
Neat and tidy. Oh, how I love my creation. ^_^

After tidying up, I counted how many dangling earrings I had. I actually got 15 pairs of freaking earrings (this exclude those earring that is not dangling)

Next, when I'm scouting Saberkas, I went into this shop and found a little name card holder which look like a purse. Which is what I want actually, cause I wanted a small holder to carry all my extra cards which I can't put in my purse anymore. (Since it makes my purse bulky and I really do had too much cards) When I open the purse, this little card holder actually cost a freaking 15bucks. Just for a few plastic card holders.

So, I went around for my hunt, unable to settle for that purse. Then I recall stationary shop actually do sell this type of cardholders. So, I try my luck there. And indeed, (wahaha... lucky star is indeed on my side that day) I found one holder to keep IC card and driving card. At the price as low as RM1.20??!! Can you believe it? From RM15 to RM1.20??

When I reach home, I went and decorated the cover with stickers. Why? Because the cover is worst than a 3-years old kid drawing. Have a look yourself...

It's so ugly... Ugh!

After I decorated it with stickers. *Smile*
And now, Voila, I got a small holder to put all my extra cards.

Friday, April 18, 2008

My legs are so sore!

Due to the intense aerobics, then on shift for 12 hours per day standing and walking nearly 90% of the time, my legs are killing me now!! Damn, with every step that I took, my legs feel like it's going to give way anytime. ~_~

Another one more day to go... Gambatee Rainbow....

p/s: Any gentlemen out there willing to sponsor to massage my legs? Pretty please...... *a very fake but seductive smile*

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Hehe... Yesterday evening went for my FIRST time aerobics. *clasp hands* (I feel so damn proud. Haha.. Cuz I really last through the whole 1 hour of intense exercise. And the main point is that I DID GO! Not just say say nia)

Really tired lor after the aerobics. I actually go to bed at 10pm le... Imagine how early it is. This morning when I woke up, I thought my whole body will be aching. BUT but ladies and gentlemen, the answer is NO, no. *evil laugh*

I didn't feel anything. Maybe because of the Bako mountain climbing is still fresh in my blood. That's why my body is still used to the stretching and pulling. Hehe.. Anyway, I finally take the first step to do it. I just hope I will be able to maintain it. Wish me luck! ;)

Monday, April 14, 2008

My Lunch today

Hehe.. It's my off day today. Staying at home surfing the net. Nothing to do much. It's too hot outside. Rather stay home and enjoy the cooling air. Hehe...

Just finish filling in my e-filling for my income tax. Well, at least not a waste of time right? Then I prepare my lunch today. Nothing fancy. Just a fried rice. Haha... Took me, let me think, less than 5 min to cook it? But the preparation of the ingredients took some while, like 15 min? A simple lunch. ^_^

Here's a photo of it...
Let me take a bite and tell you how it tastes. hmmm.. it's delicious. My ingredients for my fried rice is a sausage, some cabbage, an egg and overnight rice. As easy as that. *wink*

Lending a helping hand

How far will a person go to lend a helping hand for those in need? Well, I must say it is an individual to individual case.

Whenever people say lend a helping hand, the first thing that went through my mind is simple stuff such as helping to give a free lift, borrowing a book, or helping out at the old folks home, or lending a helping hand for the charity, be it money or ur time.

Last Saturday, after my shift, I was so happy that I can finally go back and take a rest. Suddenly at the door on my way out of the office, one of my colleague, which is my ex-uni mate, stopped me. Then I received a shocking new (although I'm really tired then and the new didn't fully register in my mind). One of our lecturer back in our uni, David Lee, is actually diagnosed with liver cancer!!

He told me that the news had been spread through email and on friendster too. Since on shift last week, I haven't really got time to check my mail. So today, I go and check my mail. Apparently it's true. I really do receive the email, asking help for a liver donor.

In my opinion, out of the few cases of lending a helping hand, I think lending people money (not those hundreds one, thousands one) and becoming a donor are the hardest for people to do. Maybe it's the culture here in Malaysia. When there is people asking for you to be a donor, most people will chicken out. I'm one of the case. I still remember during uni time, there is this Bulan sabit merah (red crescent) officer asking the students to become a donor, when they pass away. I remembered I was offered to sign on this paper and I got chicken out. I mean ya, a lot of people will give reason that when u r dead, u won't feel the pain anymore. And ur organ might actually safe a person's life. But still, I'm not ready at all for this. Even until now, I'm still not ready for it.

Although my friend say that we can actually donate 1/3 of our liver and our liver will grow back after that. It's easy to feel sympathy towards the victim, but when the real part comes, there is not many people who will have the guts to do it. So, I really salute those who become a donor. I think it's really noble of them.

I know it's bullshit for me writing this post since I won't even consider becoming a donor. But still, I would like to call on those outside who are willing to help our lecturer. David Lee is a very very nice person. His lecture is actually one of those lecture that I'm happy to attend. And whenever you see him, you can always spot a smile on his face.

Here is a photo of David Lee, which was taken in 2004. The guy wearing black T-shirt with a smile on his face.

So, for those of you who would like to find out more about this, find out from HERE.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A craving for chocolate

All of a sudden after lunch I had this craving for nice yummy chocolate. Why is it? I had no idea. It’s just a sudden thought that flashed through my mind and the next thing I know, I wanna eat chocolate.

I dislike the dark bitter chocolate, although many people advice that dark chocolate is more beneficial to us than sweet milky chocolate. Nevertheless, I still prefer sweet (less dark) chocolate. Hehe.. Chocolate just as Cadbury, kit kat, M&M etc etc…. Hmm.. let me think, do I have any stock of chocolate at home? Nay, I don’t think so. Then maybe I can drop by to buy some on my way home later…

Oh d@mn!. (Slap my own forehead) I forgotten that starting this week I’m on shift. Which mean I can only go back at 7.45pm. By the time I reach my home, it’s most probably 8.30pm. Imagine that, I’m staying in the office for 13 hours per day! That’s really A LOT of the time. Last night I was still fresh when I’m driving home. But once I reach home and finish my bath and dinner, I straightaway drop down to my bed and was asleep in less than 2 min! Can you imagine it? Never knew it’s so tiring. But fear not, I still had 2.5 working days (including today). Then I’m off for 4 days. Yippee!! Must plan what to do with my free time then. *wink*

Okay, need to go back to work now. Lunch break is officially over. ;) Will be back when I’m freer.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Do You Go For A Guy's Brains or Body?

Was blog hoping and came across this title, Do you go for a guy's brain or body? Since I'm curious as which one is my preference, so, I took the test. And this is my result

You Go For Brains!

You want a guy with a big... brain.

And of course it would be nice if he were a total hottie, but you're not counting on it.

What's on the inside is what counts for you. (Besides, you can always change the outside later!)

Sound just like me. *wink*

Normal weekends

Hi, I’m back! Sorry ya, last week has not been having enough sleep. So, although I had some free time, but my brain can’t function well enough to write anything on my blog.

Well, what do I want to update in this blog today? Hmm, first, today is officially last day JenJen will be my colleague. Tomorrow she will be flying over to KL to join her hubby and enjoy a new phrase to her life. I’m definitely going to miss her. But if leaving is for the best, then “All the best, Jen!” Enjoy yourself there but don’t forget your friends back here ya. ^_^

Next, tomorrow I’ll on leave and starts my manufacturing training on Wednesday (Day shift). Which means I need to come to work 3/4 days per week, 12 hours per day and cover myself up from head to toes (Basically like a muslim women, which only the two eyes will be visible). Imagine tat, covering yourself up from head to toes and work in the fab for 12 hours! Man, this is going to be very suffering. But on the bright side, I only have to work 3 or 4 days per week. Which mean I got more free time to sleep at home and more time to feel bored as everyone I know is working already. Haha…

*thinking hard* okie, now I really run out of idea what to write. WHY some might ask? I can write what happen to me during weekends etc etc. Well, this is because my weekend can be summarized in one word, B.OR.E.D. I actually spent my Saturday night watching dvd. Movie marathon is a more suitable phrase. I started by watching April’s fool joke, then I continue with The Eye (by Jessica Alba) and lastly 27 dresses. All 3 movies in one night. I started watching at around 8pm. And by the time I finish watching the 27 dresses, it’s only a quarter pass midnight. In my opinion, it’s still an early night on Saturday. ~_~ Well, at least I manage to catch up on some nice movies. Haha… Not a total waste of Saturday night.

As usual I spent all my weekend afternoon napping. Haha.. (^@^) <-- Now, guess what this icon means? It’s actually an icon for a pig. *laughing* That’s how I feel like last weekend. Having a pig life. Nevertheless I still manage to go shopping and bought a padini shirt and a new handbag, which I bring along to work with me today. Hehe… (I’m a bit pok kai this month after KL shopping, but I can’t resist myself from buying. Anyone has an antidote for shopaholic?)

Then there is this PC fair at Permata. I went there on Sunday evening, *@#$%@* You won’t believe how crowded it is! I had attended countless PC fair before but this is the first time I felt so annoyed! Everyway you go, you are jammed between wall of meat, regardless it’s white meat or dark meat, soft meat or hard meat. And since it’s so jammed with people (as the Chinese saying goes “people mountain people sea”) you can basically smell the body odour of some sweaty guys, or perfume of some gals. Imagine all this smells mingle with the sweat that was produce by the body due to the lack of ventilation!!?? I went in fresh and clean but came out sweaty, smelly and accompany by a headache.

Due to my uneventful weekend (plus my lifestyle as a pig), my weight actually sky-rocketed to a new record beating my precious record. Ya ya, I know, there is nothing to be proud of by gaining weight. And to be frank, I’m not feeling proud at all. I’m feeling super stressful and de-motivated at the moment. My actual plan is to lose weight during weekend but in the end I actually gain 1kg! (No idea where I gain this one kilogram from. I ate normal le.. just sleep a lot nia, snore snore)

Anyway, no use crying over spill milk. (keke… just saying that to make me feel better cause I just had KFC as my lunch, lolz) Okie, my target for next week, I need to go down at least 0.5kg or 1kg if possible. Everybody, wish me luck ya.. And, please please…. Don’t tempt me with any nice food that is high with calories. (I have very low self discipline) Thanks. ^_*

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Can you imagine how annoying it is when somebody did not reply your sms? Or your msn? Or your phone call? Or your message?

Well, I had a similar encounter yesterday. This really annoyed me to my bone. (Hmph!) Is this how a person treats a friend? Or she just doesn’t care about the so-called precious friendship at all? Maybe. I notice in a lot of circumstances happening around us, it’s the opposite sex that is usually attracting the attention although these two persons might just meet each other.

For example, (it’s story time) let say A and B are actually two gals who are friends (although not best friend but at least the friendship is mutual). These two gals get along well and suddenly there is this guy, let’s call him C (C stands for CB) comes to know the gals and become friends for both A and B. Now, a scenario happens. Let’s make B the actress and C the actor and A the “Annoyed” person who is the story teller.

B is approach on the same day by both C and A (who has been B’s friend far longer than C) asked B out for a lunch date. Imagine if you are in B’s shoe, how will you handle this situation? Well, for me, I will ask both C and A to go together. BUT, it’s not what is happening in this case. In this situation, B actually ignore A (Totally) without a reply or anything or even a sorry after lunch saying sorry din see the message go for lunch already or make out whatever reason you can think of. But NO ladies and gentleman, no reply what so ever. B totally ignore A (Imagine how hurtful A must be feeling *sobbing*)

And to make matter worst, A and B actually bump each other at the same place where they are having lunch. Guess what A saw? A actually saw a happily bubbly B chit chatting with stars in her eyes and a smile from ear to ear having lunch with C. Now, imagine how will you feel if you are in A’s shoes? *volcano erupt*

With that as the ending, I will like to conclude that whatever this B has done to A, it’s not going to be forgiven anytime sooner. If this is how B will continue to treat her friends this way, sooner or later she is going to be left without a single friend that is willing to go through thick and thin with her. (Well, maybe she thinks that opposite is always nicer? Or more exciting?) Be prepare to feel lonely then, because no matter how juicy a guy might be, she will never experience the special bonding which only a female friend can give.

p/s: if you are wondering what ABJ means, it means “ah bit jiu” – Foochow language.
Still don’t understand, email me. ;)