Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Was reading a magazine borrowed from a fren. And fall in love with nearly 100% of the clothes in that magazine. But I know how hard it is to search for those design of shirt here in Kuching, so I ended up surfing through the net for those blouse.

These I found from MNG. Hehe...
But all the clothes are available at US or UK website only. Any idea where to get this clothes here in Kuching? Or any tailor that can custom made this shirt at a reasonable price?

Pls leave a comment here. Thx.....

Thursday, September 25, 2008


From: worldofdidi
Sent: Thursday, September 25, 2008 11:31 AM
To: little rainbow
Subject: RE:

got ..blogging..haahhaha
wat u going to wear in jen dinenr??
hhmm..i dun plan buy another dress liau .. coz all my dress..buy, wear one time, then no more wear..sien ..

From: little rainbow
Sent: Thursday, September 25, 2008 11:41 AM
To: worldofdidi
Subject: RE:

hehe.. correct. i just see watever dress inside my wardrobe and choose one. actually i got bought 2 dresses and haven't wear one.. so, most probably will choose one of it and wear it. hehe

From: worldofdidi
Sent: Thursday, September 25, 2008 11:44 AM
To: little rainbow
Subject: RE:

i got 3 ... i think will choose one of it ...
the other 2 wear few times liau ..
another one, wear once nia ...

From: little rainbow
Sent: Thursday, September 25, 2008 1:11 PM
To: worldofdidi
Subject: RE:

haha... like this i think i got total.. hmmm..... 8 dresses le... wah, i never knew i got so many and i always thought i dun have enough le.... ~_~
1 prom dress - wear 2x
1 dress shirt - wear 1x
1 sleeveless black shirt dress - wear a few times
1 sexy white dress - wear 1x
1 sleeveless deep V chocolate dress - wear 1x (to gary's wedding)
1 sleeveless dark blue dress - i dun like it liaw...
1 formal working dress - never wear
1 black dress - never wear
1 sleeveless chocolate dress - never wear...
wah, total now is 9 le.. ~_~


This is the topic of our conversation today. Jen's is coming back in December and Didi is going to be her bridemaids. Now, we are discussing which colour, what type of cutting, which tailor, how many dress we had etc etc...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gading Trip

I just noticed that I blog about my Mount Santubong Climbing but totally forgot about my Gading trip. ^_^ And I still remember getting a free ice cream over this Gading's trip photo. Haha... But since a year has passed, guess she won't be angry when I post the photo here. Hopefully... *cross my fingers*

The only 3 pretty gals taking up the challenge to climb mount Gading.

Group photo before we depart. All smiley face except the tulan face guy at the end. Guess he don't have enough breakfast.

Again I'm the last in the trail. Look how red my face is. I basically huff and pull myself up the small hill.

Posing as the 3 Charlie's Angels. But failed because I had my eyes closed.

Nice le? I love this photo the most.

Haha.. This is the photo where I manage to con an ice cream.

After the Gading mountain climbing and waterfall playing with ice cold water, we went to Sia Beach.
Having fun with UNO cards. But that's too bored for me. Instead.....

I go and get myself sunburn under the hot afternoon sun.

Mike's bd

Last Friday, 4 of us gals went to Jalan Song to eat eat, kia kia, then go sing K to celebrate ah mike's birthday. Hehe... Before we go meet them at Jln Song, we curi curi go a Bakery shop and bought a cake. Then we saw this really cute cake, with 3 mini Hello Kitty on it. So cun right? 3 gals celebrating mike's bd....

Haha.. the only photos available is the cake and hello kitty. Because we didn't bring any camera along, so we are taking photos using my phone. And the photo taken doesn't consist all of us. It's always only 3 with 1 taking the photos. Anyway, we did have a good time. ;)

I booked straight from the start during the cake buying that I want the kimono hello kitty. Now this little kitty stays on top of my shelf.

p/s: if any of u r confuse, mike is a girl. Her real name is not mike, but michaeline. But i guess i got influence by uncle and call her mike too. =P Don't be angry ya...

Another award... Yippe...

YES!!! I got myself another award. Feel so proud of myself. *sinister laugh*
Thanks Jen!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Short Talk

Yippee..... Off I go to Sematan.... Or is it Lundu? Now I'm confuse. Anyway, I'm not going to fret over this. Apparently from what I heard is we are going to Lundu.... but the hotel we are staying is Sematan Hotel. T_T So, I'm lost.

And finally I remember to take my 'new' camera with me today. Hopefully will be able to take some nice photos with it and post it here. That's all. My driver arrives liaw... C ya...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tried but failed...

Yesterday night I attempted my CC2, which is Organize your speech. The topic of my speech is actually “Choosing the right attire”. For this speech, the thing that I’m proud of is actually I add in body gesture and am not that afraid to make eye contact anymore. However, I still bring my notes up when I’m delivering my speech. Where as there is two newbie attempting their CC1 and they talk straight out without having notes.

Guess that is why my evaluator suggests that I do more rehearsal so that my speech will be even smoother. Personally, I think I still need to improve on my tone variation and as my mentor feedback, “keep a straight face and proceed with my speech, do not react by telling the whole world that I make a mistake”. Haha.. Guess I went blank for a while since I didn’t really memorize my speech.

For those who are interested to see my CC2, pls refer the post below. Feel free to give any comments as of how to improve or give a better speech. ^_^

CC2 - Choosing the right attire

WHO LIKES SHOPPING? AHA! So my theory is proven, girls love shopping more than guys! I think it is in our hormone. I personally love shopping a lot. However, equip with the desire for shopping doesn’t mean that you know how to choose an outfit that suits your body shape and flatters your figure.

What I’m going to share with you all here today is “how to choose the right attire”. How many of you here experience impulse purchase? You buy at the spur of moment however you don’t need that dress or it totally doesn’t suit you? Let me assure you, everybody is bound to make this mistake during their entire life. I’m not spare too. I remember during an outing at my uni time, I wore this long jean skirt until my ankle, thinking that it makes me look feminine as I seldom wore skirt that time. But how wrong was I when one of my girl friends asked innocently, “Did you borrow that skirt from your mum?” I was devastated. And for that day until now, I never wear any long skirt, never ever again.

To avoid making the same mistake as I did, there are a few criteria that need to take into consideration when you shop for attire. First, it’s your body shape. For petite girls, it’s advisable not to wear clothes with horizontal stripes as it gives the image of an even shorter frame and wear some heels on the shoes to add in a little “oomph” to the height. For those with pear shape body, it is best to avoid attracting attention to your hip. Besides that, avoids those jackets or blouses that sit right on your waist. For rounder body figure, it’s more flattering to wear dark tone outfit. Avoids tops with higher neckline which will make you looks broader at your upper body part. Instead, focus on the legs. Wear clothes that show off the lean legs. Let me give you an example, take me as the model, when I go shopping looking for a skirt, I’ll definitely not choose one that is longer than my knee length. It’s either knee length or shorter. Why? Because if I do so, I’ll look even shorter than now, which is not flattering for my body shape.

The second point to consider when you go shopping is your skin colour, or skin tone. Different people have different skin tone, that’s why there are so many different colours available for the same design clothes. This is to cater for all the needs. Skin tone can be categorized into 2 parts, namely cool tone and warm tone. For cool tone people, their skin is pale or fair. The colours that flatter this skin tone people are intense rich colours such as black, navy blues and soft neutral colours such as pale yellow or baby blue. The colours to avoid are earth tones like light brown and gold. For people who fall into the category of warm tone, rich warm colours such as gold, golden brown, orange and dark brown make them stand out. However, they should avoid colours such as black and white. Again, take me for an example, intense dark colour such as navy blue or dark green suits my skin tone.

Third thing to consider is actually your face shape. The simple rule here is “opposite attracts”. For those with round or square face, one should elongate the face by deep and plunging neckline, such as V-neck and empire neckline shirt. Second tip is to never cover your neck. Long face has the opposite need of the round face. Thus, for long face can focus on Sabrina or portrait neckline to make the face appear wider and oval. For those with triangle or diamond face shape, you can go for scoop or deep Sabrina neckline blouse to balance the sharp feature. For me, V-neck and empire neckline tops are the one the suit me.

So, you can see that choosing the right attire for yourself is not about getting the latest fashion available and dump it on your body. There are a lot of other factors that need to take into consideration such as body shape, skin tone and face shape. So, do not become a fashion victim. Instead, choose the right attire that matches and flatters you the most. Don’t be scare to try and error. As time passed, you will be able to wear out something that is totally your own sense.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Funny Sign

Was looking through my album and suddenly I came across this. Meant to put it the 10 fun things to do at Thailand but somehow totally forget about it.

This is the sign we saw when we enter Hard Rock Cafe.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Short talk



That copycat is actually wearing the same skirt I bought last week!! And she wear it after I went to Ah J's to talk about my shopping trip during the weekend. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?? And why did she keep quite about it when she is obviously listening from the side????


I'm so annoyed now that I feel like punching someone.



Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Disappearing Act

Wow.... I can't believe it. This is the longest time I didn't write anything on my blog. I'm not sure what the reason, maybe it's just me being true to myself (which is to become a Ju-ju). Basically I can't surf much now at work since my boss is sitting right behind me. And this long weekend I'm just not in the mood to glue myself to the pc as my bf.

Now, let me recalled. What had I done during the weekend plus holiday. Hmmm, first Saturday. Morning, forgot liao. Afternoon, forgot liao, but I highly suspect it's napping. Night time, oh ya, night time went out to have a dinner with a fren from KL. Then bring him walk walk at Friendship park. Then gathering with other friends at a pub. Was driving on the way back home when fireworks bloomed at the dark night.

Next, Sunday. Morning, church as usual, duh! And I can't believe I wasted my whole afternoon agreeing to go with my parents and sister to the church for some clean up. But basically I was walking around trying to escape doing any of the jobs. Haha.... After that went to Kenyalang for a short window shopping. Night, went to Grandma's house and manage to take a peek at my lovely nephew. Sigh... being address as auntie really mark the end of Sunday.

Now, Monday is more interesting. Monday I finally had the chance to go shopping with Kee. Went to Yunjia and bought a skirt. Then to Zerlina and bought a shirt. And before i went back, I even manage to steal some time tapaoing french fries home as starter for my dinner. haha...

Well, there goes my weekend. Sigh... I think I need to do some changes in my life. Basically after my status change after the Bangkok trip, maybe it's time to do some scouting around. Wish me luck! ;)