Saturday, January 30, 2010

Joke of the week

This week, I received a sms from Celcom saying that they are currently trying to update their customer profile and ask us to spare some times to answer their phone call. I received their call this Friday.

This "indian" girl asked me some regular questions like my phone number, my IC number, mother's name. Now, the funniest part of the conversation is when she asked me what is my company name.

Operator: Okay miss, what is your company name?
Me: X Fab Sarawak.
Operator: Oh, s t that s is it?
Me: No no, it's X-men that x.
Operator: Oh, it's called X-men Sarawak.
Me: Hahahahahahahaha.................. No, it's not X-men Sarawak, it's X Fab Sarawak.

That really makes my day.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Purple is the theme

Am not in good mood after work today, so stop by Everise @ BDC on the way back for a short, very short shopping just to dismiss my "bei song"ness.

After back and bath, am in quite a relax mood. Then received phone calls from office again. Ngaiti... The company should pay me OT for answering phone calls after office hours.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I blog again.....

What's make me wanna blog again? OF course about my shopping loot lah.. Hehe... Went to Hopoh today and bought a black shiny cosmetic bag. ;)

After return home, can't wait to transfer all my stuff into this new bag. This is how it looks like now.

Some random photo that i took.

Yesterday went to the Spring and bought some stuffs too... Then went to Vincci and bought another hair band. La la la....

I'm a happy girl,
Living in Kuching,
I will be satisfy,
If I manage to shop..................

Monday, January 18, 2010

No mood to blog

Recently really no mood nor time to blog anymore. Sorry ya.. Please wait until I have more time or the mood to blog. Have a lot of stuffs wanna blog about, but just wayyyyyy too lazy. Procastination as always. Hmm.. Maybe after CNY, I will have more time to blog. Till then, enjoy life as usual ya... ;)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Sir Isaac Newton's birthday

Is TODAY. ~_~

The one who find out about gravity and tonnes of other stuffs, I suppose.

NY Eve's dinner @ Magenta

Went to Magenta for New Year Eve's dinner. =) Some of the food photos that was taken using my lousy camera phone. The lighting was dimmed, to make the environment nice, but then it sucks when you need to take photographs.

Then we went and watched Sherlock Holmes, which in my opinion, is nicer than Avatar, which some might disagree, but then I prefer normal handsome looking human guys (not one but two) than some blue creatures that shout by opening the mouth big big and making hissing voice like a snake. But then I do like the special effects and the moral of the story to preserve the mother natures.

New Year went shopping with Cheryl. Bought another dress. ~___~

SAY it's nice!!

Well, that's how I spent my New Year. ;) Better than last year where I need to stay at home due to twisted toe.

Wishing everyone:

A HAPPY 2010. This year is definitely better than last year.