Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Economy Turmoil

The situation is bad, really bad now. Today there is top management's meeting. After the meeting, news are being spread to us, engineer's level about the current status of our company.

Basically it can be summarized into TWO main points.

1. The "life-saver" product have had issue, causing the customer to pull out the order from our company. This posted a big issue. Due to the world-wide economy downturn, productivity suffered badly. Thus, we had been putting our bet on this "life-saver" since our company has the capability to produce it. Nevertheless, the dream shattered when "life-saver" was pronounce mal-function.

2. Big guy from G is going to our company soon. A lay-off is going to be a statement, rather than a rumour.

Well, I guess it's not just our company that is facing this issue. Many established big sound companies had already did what is necessary for cost saving. Guess it's our company turn soon.


The word "melamine" became famous overnight when one of the well-trusted big company milk at China was suspected having this substance. Then it's followed that milk containing this substance can actually causes dead for baby. This phenomena really causes a big BANG when it's finally published widely in the press.

Melamine definition as quoted from Wikipedia

"Melamine is an organic base and a trimer of cyanamide, with a 1,3,5-triazine skeleton. Like cyanamide, it contains 66% nitrogen by mass and, if mixed with resins, has fire retardant properties due to its release of nitrogen gas when burned or charred, and has several other industrial uses."

Now, anything containing Melamine is strictly "ban" from displaying at the counter in every supermarket. How odd it is when I went shopping with my grandma at Boulevard and found this...

Melamine WARE?!

No play-play.... M.E.L.A.M.I.N.E. No spelling mistake. On display right in the middle for all customer to see.

Wondering what is it?

I wonder if anyone is going to buy it...

Monday, October 27, 2008



Once upon a time in, there lived a happy couple, Mr & Mrs Lim with their 3 lovely daughters; Elaine, Ena and Ella. The 3 daughters were brought up in a prim-and-proper way and when they reached 20, they were still virgins.

Years passed, and it was time to get them married. So, the parents found them the most suitable 'leng chais' (handsome guys). They got married and were preparing to set-off on their honeymoon.

As 'concerned' (more like 'kay-poh') parents, Mr & Mrs Lim were curious about their daughters' first-night experience. So, before the daughters went on their respective honeymoons, Mrs. Lim told them, 'Your father and I want to know about your 1st night encounters and whether you are satisfied. Write a letter to us, but as not to raise your husbands' curiosity...you all must use a codename to describe your experiences'.

So, the excited daughters were off. A week passed. Mr &Mrs Lim got the first letter. It was from Elaine. They opened the letter and found the word STANDARD CHARTERED. They immediately took the newspaper and looked for the Standard Chartered advertisement. 'Ah! Here it is!', exclaimed Mr. Lim. The motto for Standard Chartered was .... 'BIG, STRONG & FRIENDLY'. Mr & Mrs Lim were happy.

A week later, they got another letter. This time it was from Ena. The content was simple. 'NESCAFE'. So, again they took the newspaper and looked for the Nescafe ad. 'Ah! Here it is. 'NESCAFE: PLEASURE TILL THE LAST DROP'. Mr. & Mrs Lim beamed with joy.

Another week passed. A month passed. And another. There was still no letter from Ella. The Lims became worried. Finally, the letter came. It was scribbled and could hardly be read, but Mrs Lim managed to figure it out. The codename was 'SINGAPORE AIRLINES'.

Why Singapore Airlines?

Mr Lim rushed to the nearest store and got a newspaper. He flipped the pages frantically. 'Ah! Here it is!' Mrs. Lim grabbed the page and read aloud. Before she could finish ...THUMP!!!...she fell off her chair. The motto was ..


Friday, October 24, 2008

Snapshot of my life










It's Friday today. TGIF!!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I feel like a SUPERSTAR

I'm totally, unquestionably, insanely addicted to it. It makes me feel superb, like a superstar. Hehe...

OMG, a billboard at LA has the photo of me?? That photo was taken during a scene I made for the series "Travel and Taste". I can't believe the series is such a HIT at LA.

HAH?? A famous building in NY is having a mural painting of me?? That photo was taken when I was having an adventure at one of the virgin forest at Africa. I was shooting a movie somewhere there when I decide to take a break and go jungle trekking instead. I had no idea who send my photo to them.

VOGUE?? And I'm the cover girl? *Jumping up and down, screaming the house down* That scene was taken when I was doing the series "Travel and Taste" at one of the famous restaurant at Beijing. A free trip to those who can guess which restaurant. ;)

During my trip to Rome, I saw this talented sketcher at the roadside. Can't resist this handsome guy's 1000 MW eyes. So, I decided to ask him to sketch a picture of me.

*Fainted* David Beckham officially think I'm prettier than his wife. Thus, the proof.

Okie, okie. I CONFESS. It's all fake. Whatever I had talked above is a lie. None of it happens and I'm a nobody who like to dream about the impossible. (obviously)

But but......... It's FUN. Omg, I'm addicted to it. I read about it from nicolekiss. The link is to the real website is HERE.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sematan & Lundu Trip P2

After exploring Lundu, we went to Sematan to play around at the beach. When we arrived at the beach, surprisingly there is nobody else except us. It was really low tide at around 4.30pm. Basically we can have a marathon from the road the where the sea meets the sand.

Guess which fingers are mine? ;)

It's a photo session for all of us. Since there is a guy who likes to take photo most of the time. And some of the photos taken are really.......


Hmm... I wonder if that is the right word. Nevertheless, I personally really like the photo.

Photographer's slipper as the main objects while we are having fun playing in the water. No idea when he took this photo but I like the artistic feel.

Sisters posing for the photo

Trying out the mini and giant version

Last but not least, this is the photo I LOVE the most
I just hope people know that is my in the photo. ^_^

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Silhouette, Spring

Last night, a ex-uni mate from Miri came to Kuching. He asked me any special place that I would specifically like to go but don't have the chance to? I searched through the memory land and recalled that recently people in Kuching was talking about this new restaurant at The Spring, which is also a pub that attracts crowd during weekend.

So naturally since I want to try out this place. Some more this time got gang, of course I'm not going to miss the chance. I went there an hour earlier to search for the place and had a little window shopping while waiting for them to arrive. Wah, it's so hard to search for this little place. At first I thought it's situated inside the building, so, I walk around twice le... And only manage to find it after I try my luck outside the building.

My impression is that this restaurant is going to be costly. Mainly due to the interior decoration. But when we flip through the menu, I noticed the price is actually affordable. =) Below are the food and drinks we ordered.

Graveyard - For Him

Magarita - For Me

Main Dish - For me

Main dish - For Her

Main dish - For Him

Starter - For Us.

The truth is that I totally forgot the name of the dishes we ordered. Since the name of the dish is NON-ENGLISH. (Eitherh Spanish, or French, or Italian... No idea of the name used)

In conclusion, a satisfying meal, an entertaining chit chat session, and a slightly high me (due to the alcohol). We parted at around 10.30pm after having a donuts each at the Big Apple. The two of them try out the King of the Fruit's donuts while I carefully choose the ever-friendly Alien.

Last but not least, I'll definitely be back. If Silhouette can last till then.....

Thursday, October 16, 2008


I fall in lov3 with this

Louis Vuitton Neverfull

I search from the LV official website at US, the smallest version of Neverfull edition costs USD650. Medium USD750, biggest USD850.


LV so expensive meh??? With the exchange rate of USD1 = RM3.5, then I need to save at least RM2275?!?!


I go sell my @ss also dunno when can afford this. Damn Louis Vuitton....

Friday, October 10, 2008

Sematan & Lundu Trip P1

I know I know, this post was late, very late.... Actually I uploaded the picture already but I was just too lazy to elaborate anything. Currently I'm addicted to


Yup, it's true, numbers. It's the share market. Hehe... The share market is tumbling now. My personal financial adviser gave me a word of wisdom. It's time to join the battle field. Haha... Anyway, back to the topic. I went to Lundu and Sematan during one of the weekend during September. Too lazy to recall back the date. =P

So, the first stop: Lundu. Lundu is such a small town. Hmmm, it's as small as Sentosa 7th mile alone. You sit in the car, drive around Lundu, then you look at your watch, OMG, it's only 3 min. That's how small Lundu is.

Had to take photo with the proof. Else nobody will believe it. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Daerah Lundu.

Then we parked our car and went out for a walk. This is the mini garden at the center of Lundu town. (Nothing special)

Next, we went and walk along the shop houses. Saw this really cute cowboy hat, can't resisit talking a photo with it. Hehe.. (Because there is nothing else to do)

Exploring the shops took like... 5-10 min? Then I saw THIS. Fish market!! Oh ya...

Need to take some really nice photo for my blog, so I did the impossible. Yup, as you can see from the photo, holding a "live" crab. I haven't pose for the photo but my sis already snap it.*pls don't punch me crabby*

Ok, now is the correct moment. Quickly take the photo so that I can dispose away this scary crabby liao...

Stay tune for the next episode.....

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hari Raya Holiday

Yesterday and today is public holidays here in Malaysia. It's call Hari Raya Aidilfitri, which is the Malay's New Year, after fasting for one month. Yesterday I went to a colleague's house and stuff myself full with all the curry, rendang, satay, pulut and all the different type of kuih lapis. T_T I can feel my stomach grow about one inch today.

So, today no visiting for me. However, I went to tHe Spring today since I really have no other activities to do. Total hours spent in the Spring today is 5 hours! Yupe, from 1.30pm till 6.30pm. Went to different type of outlets and tried on zillion different clothes. Nevertheless, I didn't buy anything except a set of underwear, and groceries. Haha...

Below are some photos of some of the clothes I like.....

After watching Sex and the City yesterday at Cheryl's house, I can't stop myself from trying out this winter suit. Look good on me? Do I look like a rich woman?
Source: MNG
Price: RM525

This is the shirt I loved most in all my tryings. However, I remember seeing this same clothes on my colleague the other day. Need to double check to see if it's true before buying it. Else I'll feel tulan again.
Source: MNG.
Price: RM139

This one I try inside Parkson. Just snap a photo of it because I saw one of the Taiwanese actress wearing it in one of the drama I am seeing now. Today was the last episode.
Source: The Executive
Price: RM109

This one from Padini. Just took a photo of it and plan to ask my friends their opinion. Cuz I don't really have bright colourful shirts. My wardrobe is consists mainly of dark shade tops.
Source: Padini
Price: RM89.90

Actually I try another one at Elle, a bit like pregnant lady dress. But Cheryl said it's ok. But I didn't buy it cuz I know I won't be wearing it. It will just stay in the wardrobe like most of my dresses. Remember the conversation between me and Didi from the previous post? I still have 3 brand new dress inside my wardrobe which I haven't wear once...... ~_~