Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year 2012

Little Rainbow would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year 2012. 
Hopefully, 2012 will turn out to be a great year!!

2011 is also not too bad. But it will never come back. What's gone will be gone. That is why.....

Have to keep reminding yourself every day, week, month, year that life is SHORT! Treasure every single moment of it. 

Looking Back Year 2011

A lot of big incidents happened in the Year 2011. In short I categorized it as one big great happy new, one big sad new. The saddest thing that happened in my life was that my beloved grandmother passed away this year. I can still remember that is the day I cried the most. Although I had always been closed to my grandma, I wish I could have spend even more time with her. Now that she left us forever, all the great memory I had with her will stay with me forever. Grandma, I'm glad that you are besides our Lord and do not have to suffered anymore. 

Grandma and Grandpa

Good news for 2011, I guess most of you who know me all know about it. It's the new chapter of my life as Madam. Lol... Well, some people might consider marriage life as not-so-good-news. Well, some people did say marriage is love's cemetery. Regardless, I think we should always see things in the positive way. ^_^ 

Other things to remember for year 2011 is as usual travel to Krabi, changing department, but still at the old company (sigh), had my first own Coach bag and bought a new smartphone. That is all I can remember now. I will add to the list when I remember. Hehe..
Krabi trip

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fish for sell

Just helping up my sister to promote her hubby's fish for selling and available in Kuching.
Anyone interested, just email your order and contact number to
I will get back to you. :)


Price per kg
Tapah A
Tapah B
Tapah C
Sultan A * 65
Sultan B * 50
Sultan C * 35
Mungalan * 140
Mata Merah A * 40
Mata Merah B * 32
Empurau A
Empurau B
Empurau C
Bertutu Dead (more than 800g)
Bertutu Dead (less than 800g)


The larger the fish, the 'sweeter' it is.
Guarantee all is wild fish, no muddy taste as those rear fish. Some wild fish has 'aromatic fruity' smell.
A = more than 3 kg, B = 2.0-2.9 kg, C = 1-1.9 kg (for empurau)
A = more than 3 kg, B = 1.8-2.9 kg, C = 1-1.7kg (for other fish)
* more bone than other fish

Additional Services:
Cut to slices, RM1/kg
Delivery on weekends. Weekday delivery by request. 1 day pre-order
Payment mode: Cash

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Cute hello kitty bag + little bear pouch

Saw this cute hello kitty bag one night after dinner at Tabuan Jaya. I wouldn't lie and tell you I'm not attracted by this bag. When my eyes were catch by this bag, I'm really tempted to buy this bag. I was thinking, "If this bag is with RM1x, then I will grab it, pay for it, and leave the shop with that bag". 

But when I saw the price tag, I had a small shock of my life. This small hello kitty tote bag actually cost RM29?!!?! A bag made of clothes/cotton which resembles Hello Kitty actually cost this much? Well, needless to say, in the end, I curi-curi took this photo and left the bag back at the shelf and walk away empty handed.

Hello Kitty bag
Besides that, I saw this cute bear pouch while eating at Tabuan during Sunday afternoon after church on Christmas day. Since this one is cheap, only RM2, I decided to buy it. Lol.. If you ask me what do I plan to use it for, hehe... secret. But I can assure you that this bag will be put to good use. 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Mum's birthday back in October, My Restaurant

This post is backdated for 2 months. My mum birthday was in Oct. My sister and I decided that to have dinner at My Restaurant. 

And guess what, it's my first time dining at My Restaurant. Lol... Stay in Kuching for so long already but this is the first time I went and eat there. 

This is my mum's birthday cake. 

The food there is not bad but then the pricing is also categorize under "once in a while" dining place. The following are all the dishes that we ordered that night. 
1) Salad
2) Mixed pork
3) Fish and chips

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Today really "hen bu sun" arhhhhh!!!

Really pissed off by the late afternoon due to a lot of different issues. 

Sometimes I really do wish I can take a super duper long holiday and get away from all the "fan" things. Luckily tomorrow is Friday. Then it's Christmas holiday. It means Monday will be a public holiday, then I take Tuesday off, so total 4 days off. 

Yahoo!!! Looking forward for a relaxing holiday.