Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Repo Men 2010

Today, Fat Pig and I watched a long overdue movie called Repo Men. He somehow managed to download it despite his area sucks Digi 3G line and it's a uncensored version.

Basically this is the storyline: In the near future, if your organ failed and need to be replaced, there's a "organization" that can actually provide you an artificial organ and keep you alive. But the trouble is it's high cost. However, you can actually opt to pay the debt over a period of time with certain amount of interest. (Sounds familiar? Credit card? Bank loan?) Basically, once you cannot pay for the high maintenance, they sent out Repo Men to rip your body open and pull the organ out.

It's kind of gross with a lot of blood scene. Even the Fat Pig tore his eyes away from the laptop screen, where as I was keeping my eyes on the screen without trying to grimace or gag.

One of the scene where Repo Man was preparing for the "major" operation.

However, there's a twist to the ending of this movie which was wholly unexpected even for me. I just cannot believe that is the ending of the story. I mean what is the moral or objective this movie is trying to tell us? That what Repo Men is doing is all legal and it will continue? Sound to me like legal loan shark is allowed to operate in broad day light.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Kuching Festival 2010 Part 2 and MBKS

Went to Kuching Festival yet again yesterday since this weekend is the last two days. However, we reach there around 3.30pm, which is very early. So we walked around MBKS instead. To my surprise, I never knew there were so many nice parks and scruptures around.

Saw this very funny cat which was given the title "Miss Kuching".

On the left hand side is a park filled with a family of cats.

And on the left sides is a field full of colourful mushrooms. It's so cute. I cannot resist the temptation to take photos with the cute mushroom stools. ;)

Got blue colour mushrooms, and red pokka dotted mushrooms.

Then we went and visited the Garden Show.

After exploring for a while, the festival finally started. We are proud to say that we might be the first customers for a few stalls.

I only show the photo of a very special food here. For more post of food from Kch Fest, please refer to my previous post.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Samantha Thavasa (inspired) Aimi Teddy bag from Minimaos!

Saw this...

Sigh... I want I want. But no money... Broke..... No wait, not broke yet. Reserve for traveling liao. So bo bian put into wish list lor... Planning to hint "someone", but no special occasion le. If ask directly, sure kena say back, "how many bags do you have already?", "Buy so many handbags can use how many lifetime?","It's not even branded one, why still so expensive?","You know money hard to earn or not?"


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bali Trip Day 2 - Part 2

After the famous (Shit) coffee, we went to Kintamani, where we have the view over Lake Batur. The famous volcano tip.
The weather is chilling up there. In a way it's nice but a bit too cold for me.

The view of Lake Batur

Bali is nice except for the fact that the local who is trying to sell you their stuffs. They can under certain circumstances, be very very aggressive. One of the guy who hassle Bee chased us for the whole trip at Kintamani. It can be very annoying and scary. How I wish they are just flies and I can shoo them away without being scare I might be kidnap by them.

One of the statues in the middle of a roundabout. Bali is famous of all these statues of their Hindu Gods.

Next we went to Tegalalang, the rice paddy field. It's nice and windy up there. But for me, I'm kind of dizzy while sitting up there looking at the paddy field. I'm not sure why, maybe it's the height or the air up there that is making me dizzy. Nevertheless I still managed to take photos while sitting down. Hehe...

If jump from here surely die.

After the paddy field, we went to visit the Batik factory. Nothing much to see there as we can always visit a batik factory here in Malaysia. Furthermore, the batik is damn expensive there.

After Batik factory sight seeing, it's night time. We asked the driver to drop us at a Chinese restaurant and asked him to go back. We decided to try a little adventure after dinner by finding our own way back to our hotel. ^_^

I can only said we are successful at finding our hotel after walking for maybe half an hour. By then I was so damn tired that all I want to do is just watch tv from my bed and fall asleep halfway through. Hehe.. My plan to party while at party nevertheless FAILED.

Saw this little shop besides the restaurant we are eating and found out a handbag/purse that made out from stingray skin. And one of the little red bag in the picture above cost like an arm.

The food we ordered that night.

Well, that's all for Day 2. Stay tuned for Day 3.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Kuching Festival 2010

Went over to Kuching Festival yesterday evening. Not many crowds there compared to last year. It's lucky that we managed to find a parking very easily but we didn't stay too long, maybe half an hour only as it started raining even before we started exploring and trying out the stalls.

Not many people. The weather is not too hot as it's cloudy. In less than half an hour it rains.

Saw this picture at Kennysia's blog, cannot resist the temptation to buy one and try it out. Hehe..

The potato not too bad. But a bit hard to eat.

There's a stage behind near the park. However we didn't stay to see the performance. We only stay there to hide from the rain.

What's my opinion regarding this year Kuching Festival? I think it's the unpredictable weather that causes it to lose it's crowd. Other than that, I haven't fully explore it to give any comment. I only know there is a few newly open stalls which I would love to try on their food.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Bali Trip Day 2 - Part 1

Our second day trip plan was as below:

From our hotel -> Denpasar -> Celuk (Silver smith) -> Mas (Wood Carver) -> Ubud (market) -> OKA (Bali Coffee & Natural spices) -> Kintamani (Lake Batur - volcano) -> Tegalalang (paddy field) -> Tohpati (Batik)

First stop the silver smith shop is extremely boring. The only thing interesting is the picture below ( which I took from the shop ).

Ooops, 18sx

Next, we went to the Wood carver's shop. I'm not sure why but apparently Bali is a very open place. They openly sold some of the word craving as shown in the pictures below. I can't help but get a bit high too. And by high I mean taking photo with them. Hehe..

After that, we went to have the famous cuisine (Bebek duck) as our lunch.

Happy me...

My Crispy Duck arrived

And of cuz the must have during Bali Trip, Bintang beeeeerrrrr

Crispy duck + Bintang Beer = Chubby ME
I gained 2 kg from this trip. Most of my photos are hideous....

After the dirty duck (The dish can be called as dirty duck, or crispy duck, or bebek pengel), we went to have the famous coffee that is only available at Bali, not in Malaysia. And that coffee powder costs like an arm and a leg, thus, cannot afford to buy.

Yes, the infamous coffee which is actually made of "shit" from an animal call Luwak or Paradoxurus. Explanation: below pic.

The thing shown above is not snickers chocolate. It's shit that looks like snickers, before it's grind finely then fry then packed then sold. Some of the shit coffee powder is already inside my stomach and the end product, is shit that looked like shit. Phew~

And don't worry. You won't get diarrhea from drinking this coffee.