Sunday, August 8, 2010

Kuching Festival 2010

Went over to Kuching Festival yesterday evening. Not many crowds there compared to last year. It's lucky that we managed to find a parking very easily but we didn't stay too long, maybe half an hour only as it started raining even before we started exploring and trying out the stalls.

Not many people. The weather is not too hot as it's cloudy. In less than half an hour it rains.

Saw this picture at Kennysia's blog, cannot resist the temptation to buy one and try it out. Hehe..

The potato not too bad. But a bit hard to eat.

There's a stage behind near the park. However we didn't stay to see the performance. We only stay there to hide from the rain.

What's my opinion regarding this year Kuching Festival? I think it's the unpredictable weather that causes it to lose it's crowd. Other than that, I haven't fully explore it to give any comment. I only know there is a few newly open stalls which I would love to try on their food.

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