Sunday, May 31, 2009


Why do I always have this problem? Not enough variety of clothes in my wardrobe. Why Why Why??

I hate having this feeling. It makes me wanna shop more and waste money only.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Google logos

I had been saving up the picture but just no time to upload it. Since I'm a bit free today, here it goes. Some nice google logos. ;)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Short Talk

This popped out from my mind when I was doing big business at the toilet. Why it's so hard to fork out RM20 for bread or fruits but it's so easy to fork out RM100 to buy something that you really like, example, a piece of clothes or handbag?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Super Stress Week

Man! Last week and this week is super stress. A major product in my office is delay and we are making a deal with a customer and basically hanging ourselves by the neck on the rope waiting to see if the fire manage to burn off the rope or not. I can't even have a decent night sleep and pimples are growing on my face now. Sh!t! I hate pimples. Now that I'm feeling down, my shopaholic urge is back!! Arghh...

Control yourself, little Rainbow....
Update: I just go and see the doctor. I'm officially sick, with a slight fever. =(

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Apple Pendant Necklace

I just felt like rewarding myself after the last weekend working partime and going back to my old job. I went back to work in the afternoon for a while, then asked Mike to bring me along to the Kenyalang shop that she always talked about. And this time, I bought something for myself.

Cute? Can you guess the price? (Oh ya, ignore the background. I shoot it using my laptop as the background because I think using a white background will make the apple stands out) The original price is RM49.90! Expensive right? I was a bit shocked when I see the price. But luckily I went on the right time. Got promotion "Buy 1 Free 1". Lucky for me also that Mike decided to buy a pig pendant necklace too. Haha... I have to admit, the sale girls there really know how to talk. Whatever thing we say we wanna try on they will say it looks very nice on us. ~_~

This is how it looks like if I wear it. ;)

Another closer look. Yahoo!! Now I had two, ... err... no, it's FOUR apple shape stuffs already. One which is newly bought, another two is the crystal apples (Pink and White) which one is shown in the pic with the phone, at the end of my phone and lastly, a watch. Hmm... Maybe next time I will take the photo of my apple shape watch. ;)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

La Beaute Expo 2009 (II)

Day 2 (9-May)

Finally Day 2 I arrived around 9.20am. Hehe.. Already trying to curi ular a bit. =P Saturday is actually the opening ceremony. They manage to invite a YB to attend. They made such a big show about it. Can you imagine 2 o'clock in the afternoon, under the degree Celcius of 40, wearing a super thick black coat??? I really salute these people.

And they specially prepare a culture dance for the YB. I only stay for a while to open the way for the YB to walk to the stage and snap a couple of photos, then I had to go out to the hot 40 degree celcius to continue my work.

And because the it's opening ceremony, we actually had free dinner at the Garden Hill. =) Actually that is leftover buffet food which the invited guest can't finish. So, they asked us to go and sapu the leftover nia...

But still the cake is nice. ;)

After the dinner, not many people arrive, maybe they are busy having dinner. So I curi went in and take a peep at the fashion show. I heard from the PA system that they are doing a fashion show from Spring to Winter, and the thing crossing to my mind is that something from Paris stage. But instead, this is what I get. Such a disappointment.

Day 3 (10-May)

Finally, phew, its' the last day. Basically, I just repeat the same thing that I do the previous day. At the end of the day, I quickly snap a photo of our registration booth for remembrance.

And the free gifts some of the exhibitors gave us. As a reward oh, she said, because we attract a lot of crowd to her booth. Hehe... Actually that day the PA system has been announcing throughout the day. We basically have to shout to le the visitor know what promotion is available.

Yay!! \(^_^)/

However, some stuff I still need to buy. A papaya jelly mask (Original price RM98, discount to RM40) and a eyeshadow (RM9)

Basically it's a nice experiece. But I think it will be a one time thingy. This is really using time and sweat to earn that little peanut money which is not even enough for me to buy my Levi's jean. ~_~

Of course, aching body and injured feet. (I took this picture while blogging. The background is my laptop) Can you believe I actually go to work the next day?! DD and Ching both took Monday off to rest at home.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

La Beaute Expo 2009

Pre Expo (7-May)

Last minute preparation

We attended the briefing at Permata Carpark as requested by the organizer. The sms ask us to come at 6.30pm. And we had to rush to reach there in time but guess what? We are asked to wait without informing us we have to wait until what time. We actually waited at the location for half an hour with nobody to entertain us. Nevertheless, we BLOGGERS didn't waste any precious time. We snap out our camera and started shooting photos. Haha... The following are some of the photos that night. You can see very clearly that there is some very last minutes preparation.

The stage

The bloggers (Rainbow, DD, Ching)

After snapping photos and waited for 30 min, we decided to leave them and go had dinner instead. No point wasting precious time and torture our stomach without knowing we have to wait until what time right? So, we go to Top Spot and had our dinner at this little steak house. I ordered the Eggs and Sausages.

My dinner that night

First day of Expo (8-May)

Reach there at 9 o'clock sharp. Start doing the preparation of setting up the registrations and getting ready all the forms and pens and stickers and bla bla bla...

When it was 10 am, my leader, Erica started to ask me to follow her to ask the Exhibitors whether they need any water or not. For the first 3~4 hours of the Expo, I'm walking around in the exhibition area and carry one box of mineral water, mind you, it's ONE BIG BOX of water (24 bottles in one box) around the exhibition area and deliver it to them. By the end of 3 hours, my hands felt like jelly already. I'm so afraid that while I'm delivering the water, the box will fall off and hit someone's foot.

After that, the goody bags free give finally arrive, then me and 2 other girls (one of them is DD) started to pack 1000 packs of goody bags. Imagine that


Basically we started working from 11am until 8.30pm. Sitting inside the store room until my butt and my back aches.

Small little cramp area. See how small the place is. I can't even move my legs.

But the good things that day is that we got a goody bag each, a sister magazine, and one Purete product. ^_^
Goody bag
All the stuff inside the goody bag. A lot right?? =D

Stay tune for Day 2 and Day 3. More interesting stuff....

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day. Finally the La Beaute Expo is officially finish. Will update more about the Expo when my feet is not that hurt and when my body is not that aching, and when I'm free. Start working tomorrow. Felt so tired now....

Thursday, May 7, 2009

As a reminder (Investment, Gamble and Risk)

Investment, Gamble and Risk

Laymen always jumble up the meanings of these 3 terms. To them, buying lotteries is an investment; playing stock market or futures product is a gamble. Risk is anything that jeopardizes your job (monthly salary)!

To certain extent, they may be right. But then again, it depends on how much the person knows about his rice-bowl trade and the risk management skills to be applied!

Some ignorant newbies ever told me market entry in futures and FX market was like tossing a coin - so market is about either going up or coming down. I strongly disagreed!

Profit-trading in the market needs some skills. It involves an entry point, an exit point and a stop loss point. A miscalculation of entry price level will jeopardize the other two. Chances of making money or better profit margin will then become minimized!

This set of skills can only be sharpened and enhanced through years of practice and self-enrichment. Many beginners incurred losses because they carried the thoughts that trading was a gamble. They thought it was about market ups and downs. Inexperienced traders think luck plays important part. Skills are secondary. What do you think?

Generally speaking, most people like to punt money in something that is capped with maximal losses e.g. buying lotteries. Some guys told me they were investing with the lottery operator hoping one day they could recoup all monies through a big windfall. To me, I prefer to do something that makes monies everday and plan for early retirement; rather than be broke for most part of my life and hope to be rich just suddenly one day!

Over recent years, many retail traders went into option trading after being baffled by some unscrupulous coach. The banner of such workshop is always sold on the tag line "limited loss, unlimited profit".

That is a fact though. In fact, there is nothing wrong with this caption. However, how different is it if you compare this tag line to buying a series of lottery tickets? Think again carefully.

At the end of the day, most newbies in options trading gave me feedback that they had made little or no money after started trading in it. Majority ended up in red from many small and limited losing positions. Of course, there were others who have made good monies and enjoyed the profits. My point here is not about options trading, stock trading or futures trading. It is about the in-depth knowledge and the proper risk management skills that a trader should have.

The difference between investment and gamble is vast. Investment is executed based on calculated risk and gamble is always outlines on a 50/50 chance or if not, much lower!

Let me stress again. RISK is everywhere!

You could lose your job tomorrow or next month, just like that. In my context, that is also considered as a risk!

As the old saying goes: "High risk begets high gain. Low risk begets low return."

Do not complain of little profits if you have been involved in low risk game. Nevertheless, you could choose to learn or not to learn the techniques of playing high risk games.

What you have believed to be low risk may be non-profitable. Instead, you should learn how to control and manage risk in a high-profit yielding business.
Disclaimer: Basically this is quoted but i'm unsure of the source. Whoever know it, pls do drop me a comment so that I can address it. Thanks.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spring & Summer Fashion Show 2009

The only regret I had, is that I forget to bring along my camera. The photos taken are using my phone camera, that's why most of the photos come out blurred, as the models are walking at the time.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

New Shoes from NOSE

Because this coming weekend, I will be helping out 3 days during the La Beaute Expo at Permata Carpark and I know I will be standing there for 12 hours, and sandals are forbidden, bo bian I have to go buy a new pair of shoes.

Ta Da, this is my new shoes bought from NOSE yesterday, while I'm watching the Fashion Show organized there. Flat form cover shoes. Can even wear this shoes when I go for line dance. Hehe...

The fashion show yesterday was not bad, I love the clothes from G2000 and Esprit in particular. Too bad I only manage to see display from G2000, Ms Read, PDI, and Esprit.