Wednesday, May 13, 2009

La Beaute Expo 2009

Pre Expo (7-May)

Last minute preparation

We attended the briefing at Permata Carpark as requested by the organizer. The sms ask us to come at 6.30pm. And we had to rush to reach there in time but guess what? We are asked to wait without informing us we have to wait until what time. We actually waited at the location for half an hour with nobody to entertain us. Nevertheless, we BLOGGERS didn't waste any precious time. We snap out our camera and started shooting photos. Haha... The following are some of the photos that night. You can see very clearly that there is some very last minutes preparation.

The stage

The bloggers (Rainbow, DD, Ching)

After snapping photos and waited for 30 min, we decided to leave them and go had dinner instead. No point wasting precious time and torture our stomach without knowing we have to wait until what time right? So, we go to Top Spot and had our dinner at this little steak house. I ordered the Eggs and Sausages.

My dinner that night

First day of Expo (8-May)

Reach there at 9 o'clock sharp. Start doing the preparation of setting up the registrations and getting ready all the forms and pens and stickers and bla bla bla...

When it was 10 am, my leader, Erica started to ask me to follow her to ask the Exhibitors whether they need any water or not. For the first 3~4 hours of the Expo, I'm walking around in the exhibition area and carry one box of mineral water, mind you, it's ONE BIG BOX of water (24 bottles in one box) around the exhibition area and deliver it to them. By the end of 3 hours, my hands felt like jelly already. I'm so afraid that while I'm delivering the water, the box will fall off and hit someone's foot.

After that, the goody bags free give finally arrive, then me and 2 other girls (one of them is DD) started to pack 1000 packs of goody bags. Imagine that


Basically we started working from 11am until 8.30pm. Sitting inside the store room until my butt and my back aches.

Small little cramp area. See how small the place is. I can't even move my legs.

But the good things that day is that we got a goody bag each, a sister magazine, and one Purete product. ^_^
Goody bag
All the stuff inside the goody bag. A lot right?? =D

Stay tune for Day 2 and Day 3. More interesting stuff....