Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Dragon 2012! Grrr!!

Happy Spring Festival to all the readers of Little Rainbow. 

Gong Xi Gong Xi
Since it's a brand new year, it's time to set new resolution. 

Hmm... about last year resolution, I guess I met at least 80-90%. Which is very good *pat to myself*. 
*Grinning from ear to ear*

Hopefully this year will be better than last year....


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Logos Hope in Kuching 2011

As usual long outdated post. 

I really forgot when did Locos Hope came to Kuching. The following was taken when we went to visit Logos Hope during the first week. 

Luckily the queue not too long

Luckily we went there early. Because during the last few weeks when I tried to visit the book ship, the queue was so so long that when we first take a look, we decided to leave and go to Popular book store at Tun Jugah. 

Life Float


In the end we bought 4 books and I must took a photo to show that I did visit the largest book ship and snap a photo with the sign.