Thursday, May 31, 2012

COACH Signature Pleated Medium Wristlet

COACH Signature Pleated Medium Wristlet 
(Only one for each colour. Interested and serious buyer please PM me for price)

measurement : 7 1/4" (L) x 4 1/2" (H)
- comes with price tag
- Signature fabric with leather trim
- Zip-top closure, fabric lining
Delivery 10 days (From US) after confirmation and payment. First come first serve basis. COD Kuching only.





Sunday, May 20, 2012

Krabi, Phi Phi Island Day 4

4th day of my holiday: this will be the last day at Phi Phi Island before we head off back to Ao Nang Beach. So, we decided to go easy this day and take our time to scroll around the beach and try on some of the foods.

Beautiful Beach

Taking photo for rememberence
Another photo.. The weather is really hot and sunny.

Emo photo by the beach


While walking around Phi Phi Island, we saw this restaurant which seems to pack with people most of the time. So we decided to have our lunch here. The unique thing about this restaurant is that the wall is filled up with pieces of A4 papers with writing from the tourist that had eat here.
Calamaro Resto
The walls are fill with writings from the tourists that came and ate at this restaurant

OMG, the green curry, it's yummylicious.

The food we ordered.
That is all for Day 4.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tippings/Donations to Little Rainbow

Hello Readers of Little Rainbow's blog,

I just created a small button on the top right corner of this blog. If you feel charitable, I would really appreciate some tippings. :D

A big THANK YOU to those who does. 


Monday, May 14, 2012

Double-woot online shopping

My friend introduced me to a great online store one day. The online shop is called Double-Woot. So I check out their website out of curiousity and from then on, I'm hooked. Doublewoot offers a variety of dresses, tops, skirts and pants. But mostly it offers different type of dresses, which you will most definitely find one to suit different occasions.

I will share with you one of the many purchases that I made with DW.

The parcel. Using registered mail is free of charge

The dress

Good quality

Ta-da, nice? I wore it to my cousin's wedding
Their dresses are nice right? Besides this peach peplum dress, I had bought another dress called McQueen Skaterdress. The best part about DW is that when you first registered, you are given a RM5 discount voucher for any purchase. The dress is totally affordable at around RM60-RM75. For the month of May, they are having additional promotion whereby the postage using pos laju is also free of charge! *wink* I am going to use this opportunity to purchase another dress.

Why wait? Go check out their website now. Happy online shopping!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Krabi, Phi Phi Island Day 3

Krabi Day 3 
Staying overnight at our PP Casista Cottage at Phi Phi Island. The following is the photos we took while on our way to the restaurant for our breakfast. 

The Cottage we stay for the night. =)

Decorations along the way

A swimming pool for the guest to use

This is the hotel I'm staying


After breakfast, we went around Phi Phi island to look for the best half day tour available which we can take. Finally we settle for one and waited for the usher to walk until our tour center and show us the way to the beach. For those of you are not very familiar with the waves, please bear in mind the sea-sickness. Apart from that, splash on LOTS of sun block! We went for snorkeling, see the monkeys by the cliff, an old caves and famous James Bond beach.
Saw this creatively architecture restaurant. A boat up at a tree.

The boat we use to half day tour on the sea

Here we go....

Snorkeling, can see very pretty fish..

Monkeys on one of the cliffs

THE famous James Bond beach. It's crowded with people on that small stretch of sea beach
After nearly whole day out in the beach, by the evening around 5pm, we finally reach the Phi Phi mainland. We walk along the stretch of beach, sight-seeing and buying most of our souvenirs there, then we went to Seven-Eleven to buy mee cups and alcohol drinks.
Our dinner for the night

The outcome of the day out, a cut on my toe due to the sharp stone during the tour. Luckily I got this cut while walking from the boat to the beach. Not during the trip, else I won't be able to enjoy the tour. But I did walked with this bloodied toe for shopping before going back to hotel. Luckily the cut is not deep.