Friday, January 28, 2011

Adventure of kidnapping Disney Chip

Stage 1: Go guardian, spent and get stickers.

Stage 2: Go guardian, spent and get stickers.

Stage 3: The more you spent, the more stickers you get. Simple rule!

Stage 4: Ta~ Da~ Mission Accomplish!

Stage 5: Go guardian, kidnap Chip home

And now, Chip is officially kidnapped.

But he seems happy with his current status.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

City Herberge Hotel @ Dresden

This is the hotel we stayed overnight while staying at Dresden: City Hergerge Hotel. Took us some time to find our hotel. Basically this is more like a 3-star hotel. The security of the hotel room is not that great as it's using the normal knob that our household is using. But at least the room is spacious, unlike the hotel we stay at Munich, small yet expensive.

Our room key, the key chain is really funny.

The bathroom cum toilet. The only thing I dislike having bath during Germany stay is that once you finished your hot bath and came out to get dress, you starting to feel cold again due to the weather.

I single-handedly choose the single bed and my bed for the night. Haha..

This is the double bed my two pretty colleagues are sharing.

Overall, I'm statisfy with my stay at Dresden. I will definitely recommend people to visit here.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mission Accomplish!

With another 5 stickers at home, I collected all of it already. Disney Chip, here I come!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

1st Dinner at Dresden

On the first night at Dresden, we walked around the City and decided to had our dinner at this restaurant called XFresh.

This is the drink i ordered. I had to admit, it is the most SOUR lemon juice I ever had in my whole life. I don't think I manage to finish half cup of it. The reason I drank half of it is because it's a HOT drink and the weather is cold.

Hot Lemon: EURO 2

The paste that us girls ordered that night. The tomato in the last picture is the pasta I ordered. I can't finished it too. It's just too big for me.


Total cost: EURO 10 (Haven't include tax)

After our dinner, we walked back to our hotel and have a good night rest.

Friday, January 21, 2011

My Department Annual Dinner

This year, we decided to have our department dinner at One Jaya, Bukit Mata Restaurant. This is my first time here although I knew about this restaurant for some times.

Our table

A water feature near the window

The food we ordered that night. I think the pricing there is very reasonable. We ordered 7 main dishes (for 10 persons) and 3 small dishes for vegetarian + fruit juices. The total price is only RM280. Reasonable. I will definitely promote this place to other people, however, food wise, it's a bit on the oily side.

Besides that, since we have leftover budget, each of us from our department get a RM10 Parkson voucher + a small gift for those who attended the dinner. ;)

I choose this cute coin box. Isn't it cute?

Last but not least, a group photo in front of the gift shops after our dinner and gift purchasing. Hehe...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

5 carats Diamond proposal ring

This year marked a new chapter for my life.

One special night before the coming of 2011, Ah Phui trying to act secretive and trying to give me a surprise.

He cracked his head and thought of a suitable place, then kneel down on one knee, and asked for my hand of marriage.

Then, he presented to me, my engagement ring, the one and only 5-Carats diamond ring. Lol~

A ring big enough to let everyone know I'm truly engaged. Lol...

This blog is purely dedicated as a "JOKE".

Monday, January 17, 2011


I'm sorry. It's not that I'm super duper busy with work or anything. Just that I'm lazy to update my blog at the moment. I noticed the last scheduled blog was a week ago, which is regarding the orchestra that I attended while I'm at Dresden.
I think the weather is partly to be blamed too for my laziness. haha.. The bed just feels sooooo nice to lie down and stay there the whole time. At the same time, I'm busy watching the series Lies to Me S2.
I promised after my laziness bug is gone, I will be more hardworking in updating my blog. Till then, enjoy the nice weather and have a big Monday Blues.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Semperoper or Semper Opera House @ Dresden

Semperoper Dresden

Not only one of the most beautiful opera houses in the world, the Semperoper is renowned both here and abroad for the brilliant star-studded performances by Saxon State Opera as well as numerous international guest artists. This is the home of the Staatskapelle Dresden, an orchestra which looks back on 460 years of uninterrupted music-making.

In fact, when I knew that I will be going to Germany, the first research that I had done is to find out all the available orchestra and booked in advanced before going there. However, this caused me to pay a total of EURO 28 for a ticket while my friends who decided to see last minute paying EURO 22 only (Discounted price last minute)

First went there and saw this handsome guy and showed him my online ticket.

After that I walked around and explored Semperoper and take some photos. The interior design of the Semperoper is simply amazing. It's literraly mouth-opening experience for me. It's just like stepping into a grand palace.

Finally it's time for the orchestra. Before the start of the orchestra, the following is my self-shot photo.

The theater room is simply .... how should I put it, big, spacious, well lighted and beautifully decorated. It's totally worth paying for the ticket and listen to this orchestra. The orchestra that I chose is just one single guy performing on the piano. Total 4 pieces. The funny part for me is that after each piece, the guy will stand up, and listen to all the audience clapping, then went inside the backstage, and the clapping continues.

After he went in, he went out promptly and still the clapping continues until he is seated on his piano.

After the second piece, he will went in and out, then in and out again twice, while all the time, we had to continue clapping until he is ready for his next piece seated at his beloved piano.

And this went on for the 3rd and 4th pieces (meaning he went in and out, in and out, in and out following the sequence of his piece). Now I understand how an orchestra with 4 pieces of solo piano can last for 1.5 hours. It's indeed an eye opener for me. A culture shock in fact.

Nevertheless, I'm super satisfy as I meet one of my goal in life while I'm still at my 20's, which is to listen to a life orchestra. Next goal, listen to a full orchestra which consists all the musical instruments which are the woodwinds, brass, percussion, and strings.

Details of the orchestra that I attended: (There's total of 7 , Matinee I to VII, but I attended only Matinee I)

Performed by Rudolf Buchbinder

Beethoven-Sonatenzyklus Matinee I

Ludwig van Beethoven

Sonate Nr. 1 f-Moll op. 2 Nr. 1
Sonate Nr. 10 G-Dur op. 14 Nr. 2
Sonate Nr. 13 Es-Dur op. 27 Nr. 1
Sonate Nr. 17 d-Moll op. 31 Nr. 2 »Der Sturm«
Sonate Nr. 18 Es-Dur op. 31 Nr. 3

Beethoven-Sonatenzyklus Matinee I

Ludwig van Beethoven

Sonate Nr. 1 f-Moll op. 2 Nr. 1
Sonate Nr. 10 G-Dur op. 14 Nr. 2
Sonate Nr. 13 Es-Dur op. 27 Nr. 1
Sonate Nr. 17 d-Moll op. 31 Nr. 2 »Der Sturm«
Sonate Nr. 18 Es-Dur op. 31 Nr. 3

Beethoven-Sonatenzyklus Matinee I

Ludwig van Beethoven

Sonate Nr. 1 f-Moll op. 2 Nr. 1
Sonate Nr. 10 G-Dur op. 14 Nr. 2
Sonate Nr. 13 Es-Dur op. 27 Nr. 1
Sonate Nr. 17 d-Moll op. 31 Nr. 2 »Der Sturm«
Sonate Nr. 18 Es-Dur op. 31 Nr. 3

Friday, January 7, 2011

Dresden Part 2

As promised, Dresden Part 2.

1. Inside the Zwinger.

From Wiki:
The Zwinger (Der Dresdner Zwinger) is a palace in Dresden and a major landmark of German baroque architecture.

The location was formerly part of the Dresden fortress of which the outer wall is conserved. The name derives from the German word Zwinger (outer ward of a concentric castle); it was for the cannons that were placed between the outer wall and the major wall. The Zwinger was not enclosed until the neoclassical building by Gottfried Semper called the Semper wing was built to host the Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister art gallery.

2. Just outside Zwinger, with the wall and river.

3. Basically Zwinger is a rectangular park surrounded by buildings. This is the other side, Rampart pavilion, which is topped by a statue of Hercules.

4. Trade mark of Zwinger palace. The crown. And I'm the ruler of Zwinger. Lol...

5. A fountain of water.

6. King John Statue near Semper Opera House, Dresden.

7. The famous Semper Opera House or Semperoper. Listen to an orchestra here. Will blog about it soon.

8. The catholic hofkirche (Church of the Court) was built by Saxon ruler Augustus III as a counterweight for the protestant Frauenkirche.

9. Another view of Hofkirche cathedral.

10. The main door of Hofkirche

11. Around Theaterplatz, Dresden.

12. Hofkirche and Semperoper behind me.