Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Thailand - Pattaya Part 5

It’s raining on the second day at Pattaya. Since it’s raining, we decided to go for another massage. This time, I went to a grander massage center, called Pathivej. Since it’s raining, I decided to go for a 2 hours oil massage. This time, I’m given a full room to myself, since I need to *ahem* away all my clothes.

Entrance to the massage center

My personal room

This time the oil massage is nice. Much nicer than the normal foot massage. I nearly fall asleep during the 2 hours duration. However, we went there earlier than expected as the shop only open at 11am but we reach there at 10.30am, so we take a snack at KFC.

Later in the evening, we went swimming in the pool at our hotel. Finally the rain decided to stop around 4pm, so, we took the opportunity to walk around and explore Pattaya City. Along the street, we can see a lot of this scene, old fat ang moh together with one local young girl. No wonder there’s a slogan call, “Good guy go to Heaven, Bad guy go to Pattaya”.

Suddenly, we spotted this just besides the street and the food looks so yummy that I can’t resist but to order one. It’s one of the nicest foods I ever try at Thailand. Until now, I can still remember the spiciness of the food, sitting besides the road side like beggars and the glances throw by the local when they pass by us.

Yummmiest food i ever try at Thailand.

Night time, we went to see the Ripley’s Believe it or not. It's situated at the Top floor of this shopping complex. There's haunted house, 3D movie, cinema and a gift shop to buy all those stuff which you can use to play trick on people.

And that's all from 2 days 2 nights stay at Pattaya. We are heading back to Bangkok early next morning.

Good-bye Pattaya

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Thailand - Pattaya Part 4

To go to Pattaya, we decided to take a taxi since it's only 2 hrs ride. This is when we are conned by the Taxi driver for the first time. When we packed and check out from our room, this bell boy suggest to us a taxi with the price of 1400 baht, including everything. But we manage to bargain the price to 1200 baht.

However, when we were sitting inside the taxi on the way to Pattaya, the "siao" taxi driver actually charge us with the every toll which iccured extra 150 baht. And this driver actually want to let us pay for his petrol refill too but we deny profusely. (I really think the driver is a bit crazy. He keeps talking and show his small buddha statue and say this buddha will protect WITH his head turn to the back while driving) Total taxi fee = 1350 baht.
How we know we are conned is because we managed to get a Taxi back to Bangkok from Pattaya at the price of 1000 baht including the toll.

Our hotel, Nova Lodge's lobby

There's actually a swimming pool available.

After we check in, we go explore around Pattaya. The first thing we do is massage. The guys went for Thai massage where as the girls settle for foot massage.

Ouch, that hurt!
My princess feet being treated nicely after sore from all the walking.

After the foot massage, we loiter around the street for some sight-seeing. And this is when I bought my swimming suit. And it's SUPER CHEAP. 370 Baht = RM 37. Where can you get a two piece swimming suit at that price here in Kuching. I spot one that looks alike at Seberkas the other night at the cost of RM109!! *beaming from ear to ear*

In the evening, we went along the beach and spot Hard Rock Cafe! Which is just one street away from our hotel. We discuss and decided to have dinner there although the price is quite expensive. Since we wanna "show off" and tell Uncle "T" when we come back and brag about having such a nice time at Hard Rock cafe too. =P

Hard Rock Cafe. I purposely took this photo to keep as proof. ^o^

The view of the hotel at night when the light is switch on.

The food we ordered.

At night, we went to watch the famous "ah gua" show, THE TIFFANY'S SHOW. Where Nick is having a superb good time watching the pretty lady boys and manage to take a photo with one of the prettiest "gal".

For those going to Pattaya, I strongly recommend the Tiffany's show. Although all the performers are not REAL girls, but they are really pretty. And the show is really nice and entertaining.

Thailand - Bangkok Part 3

On the 3rd day, we decided to follow the tour and visit all the different buddha temples around Bangkok. The tour last for half day and the fee is 500 baht per person.

The first temple we went to visit is the Traimit Royal Temple to see the Golden Buddha. Actually, if you don't plan to follow the tour and go instead by yourself, the entrance fee is actually 20 baht only.

The golden Buddha

Next, we went to another Temple to see the Reclining Buddha, the largest laying Buddha in the world. (Well, in my opinion. It's so huge) And the place is very big and take time to explore. However, most the things to see there is more buddha statues and some acunpunture position pose.

The reclining Buddha

More buddha statue

Super painful Thai massage in my opinion.

Lastly, we went to see the marble buddha. Look at the sky in the photo. When we finally finish touring this marble temple, the raining cats and dogs.

At the entrance of the marble buddha temple.

More Buddha

AND more buddha statues. (The tour guide said the buddha statues came from different part of the world, got Japanese buddha, Indian buddha, etc etc)

After touring all three temples, we were escorted to a Jewellery store that achieved ISO 9002. (And they are so proud of this, although I don't understand what's so great about it) Anyway, I did bought a white gold pendant at 1500 baht. ;)

It comes with a certificate too.

Finally after Jewellery store, the driver was kind enough to drop us at Paragon shopping complex. Wow.. This shopping complex is filled with retailed shops. The more you buy, the cheaper the price will be. Eg, if a short pant is sell at 280 baht, if you buy 3, the price will be 230 each. Cheap right? However, the only disadvantage there is that there is no dressing room for you to try out the clothes.

Din buy much as i'm afraid the clothes won't fit. Guess what, all the pants that i bought are "L" size. I can't believe I'm size "L" at Bangkok. >.<

Short Talk

I notice that during PMS or before PMS, if you throw a pre-PMS tantrum, there is a less changes for you to have a pimple. However, if there's no tantrum being thrown or an outburst of emotion, the changes of having a pimple growing is high, very high.

So, ladies, it's ok to throw tantrum during PMS period (as contradict to what most guy would say). For gals, beauty is always the higher priority. *wink*

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Thailand - Bangkok Part 2

The next day, bright and sunny, we began our exploration around Bangkok city. Luckily the place we stayed is near the Sky Train Ratchathewi. Moving out to our next destination (base on the map we surveyed last night), Center World and Siam Paragon.

Sky train station, Ratchathewi.

Looks just like normal LRT station.

This is how the sky train looks like. (with decoration too)

Next, we finally arrived at one of the shopping complex.

The view of the shopping complex from the Sky Train station at Siam Paragon.

One of the decoratin inside the Center World shopping complex. (I think so. Actually I'm so confused with the 3 shopping complexes that day. It's like walking through a puzzle room)

The first two shopping complexes were too posh and high class for our standard. =P Our next destination is MBK shopping complex. Now, we talk about real shopping paradise.

One of floor at MBK shopping complex. All the stuff inside is cheap, and you can use your bargain skill to get stuff you want at a very cheap price. A disadvantage will be there's no suiting room.

Some weird bottles that I saw along my shopping spree at MBK.

Around 6pm in the evening, we went to Patpong for the infamous night market. At Patpong, there's a stretch of street filled with open stalls that sell almost everything, almost, but not everything. Bargaining is a MUST. Else the seller will try to make a big money out of innocent tourist. One of the proudest barganing that I managed to seal is a fake Tiffany bracelet where the opening price offered is 1300 bahts. But I managed to cut the price to 350 bahts, it's like a 75% discount. (oh, i'm so proud of this)


However, the most miserable part at Patpong is that we are being CONNED to watch a SUPER LOUSY and PUKING tiger show ever. We were approached by this man while we were walking around and he sweet talk us that we can have a trial see for the tiger show at 100 baht plus drink per person. And if we do not like the show, we can go and no extra pay is needed. So, as any tourist being lured by this offer.

However, when we are being bought to this small little, dark and eerie bar at the second floor, there's a round stage in the middle of the shop. Beside the round stage, were seats for people to enjoy the "show". But when we were seated and ordered our drinks, we noticed all the girls on the stage were ugly and mostly naked. Besides that, nearly 90% of the girls got a big pot belly. And we even suspect some of the girls are NOT really girls.

After we finish our drinks, we decided to leave as the show really SUCKS. Imagine how shocked are we when we see the bill. At first we expect the bill to be 100 baht per person but it turned out to be 3900 baht in total!! The bar owner actually demand that much from us. We try to reason at first but to no veil. In the end, we paid them 4000 baht and expect 100 baht balance return to us. But this lady owner insist that 100 baht was for her tips. I GOT TO ADMIT WE WERE BEING SLAUGHTERED BLOOD THIRSTILY. (No more tiger show for me definitely)

My first day shopping "victory". I didn't take much photo of Patpong cause I was afraid there might be snatch thief who might steal my camera.

Thailand - Bangkok Part 1

View of Suvarnabhumi airport from the aeroplane.

We arrived at Suvarnabhumi airport at around 5 pm something according to Bangkok local time. The flight from KL to Bangkok took us approximately 3 hrs. When we step out of the aeroplane and into the airport, the first word that came out in my mind is "WOW"

The airport is huge!! I think it's 10 times bigger than KLIA. And i think it's newly built too, as the interior still looks new and posh. Along the way to take our luggage, we went through a long pathway where we see lots of the statues as shown below.

"Sawatdee Ka" - Greeting from Thailand. The two statues look alike, but spot the difference. It's two totally different statues.

Oh ya, the rumour that taxi driver at Bangkok like to con tourist is true. So the first thing after we collect our luggage is to avoid taking a cab which will charge us with an unbearable high fee (unfortunately along the trip we are conned twice by taxi driver). Luckily we got some advice from Cheryl's parents, we go straight to the airport door and get an authorised taxi by paying first to a booth then get into a taxi. The trip to our hotel costs us 500 baht.

After we refresh at the hotel, we went to a famous eating place, called CO CO WALK. This is the place where we had our first Thailand Steamboat!!

The famous Co Co Walk. It's swarmed with people.

The variety of food available for the steamboat. We are spoilt for choices here.

The weird looking steamboat is using charcoal to heat the food.

Mouth watering food

A very satisfying me. ^_^ Besides, steamboat at Bangkok is cheap, much much cheaper than Kuching steamboat. The steamboat costs RM10 per person only! Yum Yum... This place is in my "must-go-place" the next time I go visit Bangkok. ;)