Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Short talk


I'm back from my Trip!! Yes, yes, I know. I kinda disappear into thin air for 1 week plus. But hey, it's vacation for me, and I DO NOT have access to Internet during my whole trip. When I finally come back on Sunday night, I was so tired that I took Monday off and settle my stuff and basically resting and turning into a pig.

And my picture is still inside my camera. Ya ya... procastination as always. There's a couple of ppl asking for the photo already but I just can't care less. Be patient my friends. You will be able to see the photo when "lau nian" got the mood and time to tidy and upload the photos.

Okie, i think that's enough. Will update more about my Thailand Trip (Bangkok and Pattaya) when I'm in the mood. Chao for the moment...

Miss u all....