Sunday, April 29, 2012

Krabi, Phi Phi island Day 2

The next day, we went to Phi Phi Island. We used the big ferry to go there and the ride was around 2 hours.


Finally reached the jetty. The beach is very pretty, however, the jetty is cram with people. Cannot believe so many people actually came to this island. The funny thing is that in the island there is no automobile on the island. You can travel from one place to another location by using your feet. 

When we arrived the jetty, our escort from our Hotel (PP Casita) is waiting there to escort us to our hotel.

Our Escort
Taking photo at the jetty
Another photo with Thailand flag above my head.
Besides the jetty. The house and boats...
Another photo at the jetty

After walking and check in our hotel, we went out and searched for lunch. We noticed one restaurant and decided to go in for lunch. The weather there is extremely hot and most of the shops there is open air, no air conditioner at all. 
Our hotel room. We order the cottage room for our stays there
My favorite dish in Thailand. Rice with soup.

After lunch, we decided to explore and walk along the evacuation route during Tsunami. It was a long way up using stairs and I was exhausted when I finally reached the top. If Tsunami is really going to happen, I do not think I will be able to out-run the waves with my stamina.

Follow the sign
Using the stairs, go up and up
More stairs... Getting extremely tired.
Finally, going to reach view point 1 soon.
Ta-da, I'm up there already
The famous spot to take photo
After photo and resting for a while, walk down all the stairs again

After reaching view point 1 and snap some photos up there for memory, we need to walk all the way down again to the beach. Since I had burned much calories by walking up and down the stairs, I ordered a large slice of pizza.

And reach the beach.
80 Baht per slice. This is the standard slice

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Proton Preve - Drive it to Believe it

I went to Kuching Sentral last weekend and guess what I found there? The new proton car, Proton Preve!!

We went there quite early in the morning to prevent the crowd. There is not much crowd in the shopping malls but there is a mini crowd surrounding the new car. As a curious Malaysian, my hubby and I went and explore the new car.
The famous quote: Drive it to believe it

The booth, quite spacious in my opinion for a sedan car
The famous no car-key slot: To start the engine, you just need to press the button. However, to really activate and drive the car, you will need to slot in the remote control in the slot besides the button. So, basically it is from car-key slot -> remote slot.

The start button, and the remote slot besides it
Apart from that, it comes with a built in GPS system. Now you will never get lost, unless the map is not updated. 

Built in GPS
The back-side look:

The front-side look:

A mini crowd there touching and testing the Proton Preve. Overall I guess it's not a bad car but with the price tag of RM70k for the premium spec, that price range is still out of my range. But for those who can afford it, Proton Preve might be your answer.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Krabi Trip Day 1

I went to Krabi last year during August but unfortunately I do not have time to blog during end of last year due to certain issues. If i remember correctly, I do not think I finish blogging my Bali trip or Genting, KL trip March last year too. I promise I will try my best to finish blogging Krabi trip, then continue with other trips. 

Booked an early flight from Kuching to KL so that we will arrives around noon time at Krabi with half day being able to do sight-seeing there. Breakfast as usual the famous McDonald at the KIA airport.

Still sleepy.. Need my coffee
After transit at KL, finally we reached Krabi airport. Turn out Krabi airport is a bit shabby and small, not much shops around too. Nevermind, once we get out to the lobby, our van from our accommodation of the night is there waiting to bring us to our hotel.

Walking towards my hotel of the night

There it is, Ben's hotel
Finally check in to the hotel. After checking in the hotel, we left our luggage and started to explore the hotel and Krabi city.

Our hotel room for the night. Kindly ignore my back.

They fully utilized the space. They use the space between building to building to build a pool. Creative yes?

No chance to use the pool, but manage to take photo. lol
Then out to the street for adventure and sight-seeing!!

Trying to be funny...

Sea-urchin? No idea how they preserve it...
I WAS THERE! @ walking street An Nang Krabi

The beach
First day afternoon and evening was pass by walking around Ao Nang and sight-seeing. After having dinner outside, we walked back to the hotel for rest. Tomorrow cruising off to Phi phi Island! Special thanks to the hotel stuffs for helping us to secure two ferry tickets. 

Dinner of the night

Dinner of the night

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Service Recognition Night

I cannot believe time actually passes so quickly. One day I was studying, next I have worked with the same company for 5 years. Actually, this year is the sixth year already. 

To reward those employees that have stay "long" enough in the company, they do reward us with one free dinner and gift (several gifts for you to choose from, but you can only choose one). The celebration is on 29-Feb (special date) at Pullman hotel. The colour theme of the night is gold, white or black. To be safe, I choose black.

Attire of the night
That is me dressing up but nothing dramatic.

Venue: Pullman. The deco of the night
The simple decoration that they manage to "wimp" out for the night. 
The menu of the night
The menu of the night. Even though it is an 8 course meal, but the portion is small. I think it's due to cost saving. The favorite terms being used nowadays, increase efficiency, reduce cost, yadah yadah.... 

But anyway, since it's free dinner and free gift available, of course I won't miss it. I need to maximize whatever "juice" that is being offered to me. As the saying goes, maximize the output right? 

The voucher

So, with the RM200 HAW Electronics voucher (Which I choose as my 5-Years award), I managed to get all the following stuffs. =)
Slow cooker

Hair dryer

Two fans

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Aromatherapy Diffuser or Vaporizer?

I am a big fan for aromatherapy. I love my bedroom, living room, or even the toilet to smell nice and fresh all the time. I guess most ladies do share my love. Sometimes, when I went for facial/massage, I super love it when they provided me with a personal room with soft music and nice aroma calming my senses and to de-stress. I usually fall asleep in the middle of the treatment.

And because of my love for aromatherapy, I have those scented candles and diffuser with essential oils at home. In fact, I have a total of two diffusers at home.

Heart shaped scented candles
Aromatherapy diffuser bought from Bali

Diffuser as my V day present
Aromatherapy benefits us in many ways such as relaxation and stress relief. Due to my love for aromatherapy, I will usually check online to find out if there is any different scent or better products. That is when I found out about the vaporizers

A vaporizer or vapouriser is a device used to extract for inhalation the active ingredients of plant material, commonly cannabis, tobacco, or other herbs or blends. -- From wikipedia.

Basically, by using a vaporizer, it extract out the harmful substance while maintaining the relaxing aromas. In fact, current vaporizer do include flavor infused type too. Basically vaporizer has quite a few usages. One obvious usage apparently is for the aromatherapy, where it can help to deliver the aroma into a space without the use of artificial ingredients. 

The other usage is actually in the cooking industry, which is a surprise for me as well. Apparently, some famous restaurant was using flavor infused vaporizer as a method of applying controlled heat to herbs and spices to release flavors that are otherwise difficult to apply, or that might be spoiled by overheating during cooking.

Wow, after finding out so many benefits of a vaporizer, I am seriously considering whether I should invest in one. Hmm.. Guess I would need to convince my partner to get one. What about your opinion? Kindly share in comment.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Every Girls Need: Nail Polish

I think it's every girls dream, to have beautiful fingernails and toenails. How do we beautify them? Well, for those lazy bum, they will usually go for pedicure and manicure, basically, they use money to ask the saloon to clean, scrub, exfoliate, and paints their nails for them. 

I think for all my life, I only paid once, during my Krabi trip, to ask the people to paint my fingernails. Most of the time, I enjoy the act of painting my own fingernails. Even during my wedding photoshoot and dinner, I paint my own nails. 

To paint beautiful nails, the most important thing is that you must buy quality nail polish. It's important to distribute evenly the nail polish over the surface and obtain consistent colour. I usually get my nail polish from shop like Sasa. Recently however, I found out one website selling nail gel polish, which is call Jelup, a US brand.

With the correct tools, you can basically paints your fingernails into whatever pattern you like! Just like the following photo, the nails are pretty, aren't they? 

Just as I was browsing, I noticed a great deal!! When you join as a member, they call it julep maven, you get to buy $60 dollars worth of pedi and mani products with only $10! This deal is valid only for new Maven's customer, through online and last until 17-May-12! For someone who usually spend some $$ on nail polish monthly, I think this is a great deal. 

It's every girls dream to have nice, attractive, and healthy nails. So, remember to pamper yourself, when you are looking after your skin, do not forget the nails too! They need some attention too.