Saturday, April 14, 2012

Aromatherapy Diffuser or Vaporizer?

I am a big fan for aromatherapy. I love my bedroom, living room, or even the toilet to smell nice and fresh all the time. I guess most ladies do share my love. Sometimes, when I went for facial/massage, I super love it when they provided me with a personal room with soft music and nice aroma calming my senses and to de-stress. I usually fall asleep in the middle of the treatment.

And because of my love for aromatherapy, I have those scented candles and diffuser with essential oils at home. In fact, I have a total of two diffusers at home.

Heart shaped scented candles
Aromatherapy diffuser bought from Bali

Diffuser as my V day present
Aromatherapy benefits us in many ways such as relaxation and stress relief. Due to my love for aromatherapy, I will usually check online to find out if there is any different scent or better products. That is when I found out about the vaporizers

A vaporizer or vapouriser is a device used to extract for inhalation the active ingredients of plant material, commonly cannabis, tobacco, or other herbs or blends. -- From wikipedia.

Basically, by using a vaporizer, it extract out the harmful substance while maintaining the relaxing aromas. In fact, current vaporizer do include flavor infused type too. Basically vaporizer has quite a few usages. One obvious usage apparently is for the aromatherapy, where it can help to deliver the aroma into a space without the use of artificial ingredients. 

The other usage is actually in the cooking industry, which is a surprise for me as well. Apparently, some famous restaurant was using flavor infused vaporizer as a method of applying controlled heat to herbs and spices to release flavors that are otherwise difficult to apply, or that might be spoiled by overheating during cooking.

Wow, after finding out so many benefits of a vaporizer, I am seriously considering whether I should invest in one. Hmm.. Guess I would need to convince my partner to get one. What about your opinion? Kindly share in comment.

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