Monday, April 9, 2012

Every Girls Need: Nail Polish

I think it's every girls dream, to have beautiful fingernails and toenails. How do we beautify them? Well, for those lazy bum, they will usually go for pedicure and manicure, basically, they use money to ask the saloon to clean, scrub, exfoliate, and paints their nails for them. 

I think for all my life, I only paid once, during my Krabi trip, to ask the people to paint my fingernails. Most of the time, I enjoy the act of painting my own fingernails. Even during my wedding photoshoot and dinner, I paint my own nails. 

To paint beautiful nails, the most important thing is that you must buy quality nail polish. It's important to distribute evenly the nail polish over the surface and obtain consistent colour. I usually get my nail polish from shop like Sasa. Recently however, I found out one website selling nail gel polish, which is call Jelup, a US brand.

With the correct tools, you can basically paints your fingernails into whatever pattern you like! Just like the following photo, the nails are pretty, aren't they? 

Just as I was browsing, I noticed a great deal!! When you join as a member, they call it julep maven, you get to buy $60 dollars worth of pedi and mani products with only $10! This deal is valid only for new Maven's customer, through online and last until 17-May-12! For someone who usually spend some $$ on nail polish monthly, I think this is a great deal. 

It's every girls dream to have nice, attractive, and healthy nails. So, remember to pamper yourself, when you are looking after your skin, do not forget the nails too! They need some attention too.   

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