Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Proton Preve - Drive it to Believe it

I went to Kuching Sentral last weekend and guess what I found there? The new proton car, Proton Preve!!

We went there quite early in the morning to prevent the crowd. There is not much crowd in the shopping malls but there is a mini crowd surrounding the new car. As a curious Malaysian, my hubby and I went and explore the new car.
The famous quote: Drive it to believe it

The booth, quite spacious in my opinion for a sedan car
The famous no car-key slot: To start the engine, you just need to press the button. However, to really activate and drive the car, you will need to slot in the remote control in the slot besides the button. So, basically it is from car-key slot -> remote slot.

The start button, and the remote slot besides it
Apart from that, it comes with a built in GPS system. Now you will never get lost, unless the map is not updated. 

Built in GPS
The back-side look:

The front-side look:

A mini crowd there touching and testing the Proton Preve. Overall I guess it's not a bad car but with the price tag of RM70k for the premium spec, that price range is still out of my range. But for those who can afford it, Proton Preve might be your answer.


Newspaper Star said...

is your hubby like the car too? sounds you like it.

RaiNboW said...

For me I still prefer Myvi. Not going to change my car. Besides, the price is not within my budget.