Monday, February 25, 2008

Bloggy Awards

Well, guess wat? After I given my atm card and credit cards to Jen, she actually decided to "awards" me! Guawahahahaha......

Yes, it is indeed my luckiest day. I started this blog since last year August but I never really receive any award before. So, I was kinda jealous when Jen, who only started blogging for few months actually gotten so many awards. =.=

BUT, now, it's my moment! Yippee!! Thanks to Jen of course. Haha.. Although I receive it quite shamelessly (as I have no idea why I deserve this). But it's too good to throw away. Haha~

TA DA~ I feel like kissing the awards... Muacks

And give my thank you speech...

"Err.. Oh my gosh, I can't believe this. *let out a loud glee*. *cough cough* Ok ok... I wanna take this special moment to thank my company for giving me the chance. And my family for supporting me... And my close friends. You know who you are. *wink* OMG, I have trouble breathing. Err.. and of course! All my fans out there! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!"

OK OK. I need wake up liaw... Too excited that I'm bloggy awards' winner. Hehe... Actually I'm nominated for both Peace Award category and Blogging with a Purpose category, but I think my blog doesn't really reflect this. So, I will just have to pass these awards to those who deserves it. *sobbing* I really want the awards le.. It's so cute. =x

Sunday, February 24, 2008


~Argh!! I wanna go shopping lah... It feels like ages already since the last time I shopped. (Although I think it's only 3 weeks) But because I'm going for KL trip starting from 19-March to 23-March, so, one of my colleague, Angie actually advise me to control myself and go shop at KL instead... (Which is a sound advise)



How can I control myself during this 3 weeks time? I'm actually working this weekend, but still I feel the urge to go shopping like?? within 2 hours when I reach the office? =.=

*SLAP* myself... (Focus on your work!)

Anybody has handcuff? I think I need to lock myself up at home. Anybody has any good idea how to REFRAIN oneself from this addiction?

On the "second" thought, it's no harm to go Window shopping right? (It's not like I'm going to buy anything) *wink*

On the "third" thought, it's ok to buy just one piece of clothes that I really like right? (You know, to reward myself for working this weekend?) *evil wink*

On the "LAST" thought, I figure out that it's not good to actually refrain yourself from doing what you really like. Because once you refrain yourself from doing what you like, you won't feel happy. And when you don't feel happy, your efficiency drop. When your efficiency drop, you feel like your life sucks. When you feel that your life sucks, you might ACTUALLY be thinking about committing suicide. AND this is a very very very.... BAD ending right? So, in order to have the "live happily ever after" ending, I decided to go ahead for my addiction. wtf

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Manhattan Fish Market

The Manhattan Fish Market. At first when there is an ad outside Bouvelard asking for a fish lover vacancy, I had no idea what this shop is selling. After it is finally open, then only I knew that this is actually a restaurant which main food is FISH.

Well, this "fish market" had actually open for 1 month already but I only manage to dine in this "restaurant" tonight. When the food arrived, I have to admit, it's nice.

Manhattan Seafood Platter For Two

(Deep fried fish fillet, calamari, oysters and prawns served with chips and garlic rice)

We only order this plate of food. Since it says "for two", so we guess it's enough for the two of us. And when this dish came out, the waiter actually use a burner to bake the cheese on the prawns. In my opinion, the prawns is actually the best in the dish. At first I was reluctant to eat it since it's cover in cheese (which mean it's FATTENING) But when I finally taste the prawn, MAN~, it's indeed Y.U.M.M.Y. I ended up eating 2 out of 4 prawns.

And for dessert, we ordered Mud slides.... (As shown in the picture) By then, I was so full that I only manage to finish half of the cake. The cake is special because the middle of the cake is actually ice cream. And the whole cake, as shown, is sweet heaven chocolate. (Although might be too sweet for some but choco lover like me, it's superb, but nevertheless not too much. Too much of this and you will feel like you are eating the whole can of sugar)
The drink I ordered is actually called Sweet Alabama smoothie.

I found this on the wall of the shop. Which is funny~ So, I took a photo of it.

The Captain's Rules

Lastly, thank you Siaw for treating me to this delicious dinner. And sorry about the stain on you jeans. *wink* A lovely guy

Happy Moments

Happy moments... Everyone in this world bound to have their happy moments... Be it their wedding day, graduation day or when their child was born. When this happy moments occured, a very broad smile (a grin from ear to ear) will appear on their face


Happy - Happy Moments

For me.. my happy moments.... Hmmm.. IS IT

When I went to Singapore for holiday and I shopped till I dropped and touched a dolphin first time in my life? An unforgettable journey...

You can find out more from HERE.


When I finally bought the watch that I AIM for 2 months and finally able to bought it? The moment when the watch wrapped itself on my wrist was one of the bliss moment in my life...

You can find out more from HERE.


When I gotten a new camera phone K810i? Which I use it to snap photos for my blog and use it to chat non-stop and sms to my friends... maybe by using the package from (Never heard before? Well, me too. Find out more from

You can find out more HERE.



There are countless of happy moments in my life. The most important thing is to enjoy every single moment of it when it happens because this experience or you exact feeling during that time will not be the same anymore even though you might encounter the same moments. As the objective of my life goes, "Enjoy life to the fullest~ Make everyday counts". Hopefully I can be one that stay true to my own word and not those who say but never really do it.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


One of the restaurant that I really like in Kuching is Magenta, which is situated at Nanas Road, near Chung Hua No. 4 primary school.

THE REASON? The environment and the food.
1. The Environment

By looking from the outside, the first impression that come into my mind is "Is this a restaurant which gain so many praises?" This is because from the outside, the building is actually an old Kampung house. But once you step into the restaurant, the interior design will swept your feet away. As the saying goes, never judge the book by its cover.

The environment inside is actually quite romantic, in my opinion at least. The light is dim inside, and the room is divided into three partitions, seperated with white transparent curtain. A nice cosy place to dine in especially during special occasion such as birthday, anniversary or special moment.

The deco outside the main door.

This is the sceneray that greats you when you first step into the restaurant.

Little cute lighting on the ceiling.

First partition

Second partition

Third partition

2. Food

The food served here are majority western cuisine. However, pls be warned that the price for the food here is not cheap nor economical like Richmond or Westwood. Nevetheless, the food is fabulous. So, I will conclude it's worth every penny of it. Just that magenta is not every weekend get-away, rather, it is a once in a while occasion.

An example of food

All in all, Magenta is in one of the Top 3 restaurant that I love to dine in in Kuching.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Watch Collection

At first I'm a bit reluctant to write this blog. (Feeling a bit paise) But, what the heck?! This is my blog, and I'm the Queen in blog. Haha... So, I'm allow to put what-so-ever stuff I like here. Bluek!

So, do I finally announce who my secret admirer is? Haha... The answer: Nope. Today, I am going to show off my own collection of watches. Err... most of you after reading this blog will think "wah, this girl really thick face hoh? Less than 10 watches also wan to show off. Stupid lah!" WeLLlllLlllll...., THIS is my blog, so I'm going to write whatever and put whatever topic I want in this blog. And btw, I'm not stupid ok? I'm a smart and pretty girl. Haha...

Okie, enough about that. Now, let's have a look at the watches that I had. Why, some might ask do I collect watch. I'm not very sure. I guess I start loving watch when I was a 2nd year Uni student. Since then, whenever I go shopping, I will always step into a watch shop to look at the different watches on display. Or whenever I talk to a person, my eyes will automatically swift quickly over his/her wrist to look at the watch. If the person wears a nice watch, I'll automatically start a topic about the watch he/she is wearing and start collecting all the data I want about that specific watch. *Those close to me should know about my THIS habit*


This is the first watch that I bought with my own pocket money.
1. ELLE - Year 2003

2. SWATCH - Year 2003

3. B.U.M - Year 2006
4. Swatch - Year 2007
This is the watch that I wear most often.
5. Swatch - Year 2007
6. CASIO - Year 2008
This is the newest watch that was added to my collection 3 days ago. *wink*
This is my newest babe. This is the second most wear watch beside the black swatch. hehe...

All the watches shown above are those bought more than 100bucks and at least a year warranty. However, I don't just bought watches that has brand one, I also buy from tepi jalan or pasar malam. (means those at roadside cheap sales or night market), which can usually be bought at the price of RM10~RM30.

However, I must admit those cheap watches DO NOT last long (although some are really looks fashionable and cute). Once I bought a watch from and the life span of the watch is only ONE pathetic month. +.+ (And i only wear it less than 5 times) Among all those watches, the following is the one that I love most.

ZAP ?? (NO BRAND) - Year 2007
I bought this from Singapore at the price of $10 bucks.

p/s: so next time if you don't have any idea what to buy for my birthday present, a nice watch will do. I never complain that I HAD TOO MANY WATCHES. Hehe...

Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's lesson

Ladies and Gentleman, base on my previous blog about Valentine Day and the three necessities, here's a sequence of how girls' reaction on V day.

First, you need to dress up prettily (girl). This show that you care about this date a lot. And how do we get rewarded for taking the time to dress up nicely for guys? Flower of course.

A bouquet of red roses. (Isn't it lovely)

Then, a nice romantic dinner.

For her.For him.

Make my mouth watering. (sigh, need to go on diet now. I think I gain at least 1kg)

Then, the last part. Receiving gifts. ALL girls like to receive gifts. It's a fact already. Not a norm anymore. What will be the girl reaction when they receive gifts? Find out yourself. ^^

Oh, is this true??? (Pls tell me I didn't see wrongly)
I'm so happy!
Look at it. Isn't it cute? Muacks....

And that, ladies and gentleman, is a perfect Valentine celebration. Guys, that's all it take to make a girl smile. ^^

Garden Hill (V-day night)

While couples are busying having romantic dinner, I went out with my friends to Garden Hill, which is located in the same building as Taman Kereta for a drink. Although we go out quite late, but there is still couple sitting there having dinner. AND the decoration there, I must admit is really really nice. (Since we are sitting in the open air, there is a small breeze blowing although the cloud cover up all the stars)

This is the best place that I like. They actually have a wooden platform build on the pool and had table set on top of the platform overseeing the Kuching view. (I think I walk over 3~4 times with different camera in order to take a clearer view and capture the beauty of the environment but apparently camera phones quality is not as good as a real camera. Sigh~)

Here are some of the drinks we ordered.

1st round: White wine, Red wine and Fruits magarita (together with Tiramisu and Mango cheese cake)
2nd round: White wine, beer and Camomile Tea (Forget to take the picture as I was busy taking the photo of the fireworks)


Yes, you are correct. While we are sitting there having a small talk, suddenly a thunder roars and the sky suddenly brighten up. Approximately 11.20pm, the fireworks starts and continue for.. errr.. 15 MIN!?! Yes, 15 min... hmm.. maybe 10 minutes. It was awesome. Here are some of the photos I manage to take using my phone. (So, the quality won't be so good ~>.<~) p/s: check out the time in the photo, I guess it's for V-day celebration. I think the firework display is sponsor by the Government. continuously non-stop for 15 min.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy V-day

Look at the image of the Google on Valentine's Day. Isn't it super touching? How I wish when I was as old as the old woman in the Pic, I will still be able to hold hand, receiving gifts from my love one and enjoy this day just as when I am still young.

H@ppy V@lentine D@y. ;)

Although poor me is celebrating it at home. ~>.<~

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine Day

I think most people are starting to countdown for Valentine already. Especially those with their other half. I can bet that most couple has already done all the necessary things, such as buying flowers, booking the restaurant, buy gifts, book hotel (??) etc etc... Nowadays, Valentine day is so commercialise that ppl who are not celebrating it looks like they come from the moon.

Now, what is the History and Origin of Valentine Day?

Ever wonder why there is a Valentine day in our calender? And who is the creator? or the origin of Valentine day?

Find out. Read Here OR Here. ;)

Valentine's Day has become such an important day that those who are still single feel pressurised by this peer pressure. Some people might even resume to find a bf/gf not because they love each other, but rather a partner to celebrate so that they won't feel left out. But


Does Valentine day meant to be spent with your other half only? How about your loved one such as your family or very close friend? For those who are still single, you can always celebrate this special day with you family/friends. Take this time to cherish the relationship. It's not only the normal guy-girl relationship that is important, family bonding and friendship, in my opinion, is as important. Hmm.. maybe a little bit more important the guy-girl relationship. Since not every relationship will work out. (You know i know lah...)

A piece of advise for guys out there who is still scratching their head as how to celebrate V day. The truth is, girls like to feel pamper and love. During this special day, regardless whether she say "Dun waste money on unnecessary stuff or flower", (WELL, she cheat)! Do not fall into this trap. Flower is a must for V day and so is a candlelight dinner and V day special gift. These 3 things are the necessities of V day. (Bear that in mind, gentleman out there. Don't come complain to me if u failed since I already give you guys hint) *winked*

Valentine is just around the corner. (14-Feb, OMG, it's tomorrow!!) Take this time to show your loved one just how much you care, cherish and love him/her.

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!