Monday, April 27, 2009

Levi's Curves

Saw that Levi's came out a new brand from the website and so tempted to go and try it out. Finally I had the chance to try out the Levi's Curves at the Spring during the weekend.

My shopping partner said "It's nice". And I'm so happy because I can actually fit in a size 26! Can you believe it? Size 26 le.. not 27 anymore. =D But......

The price is RM254. After paycut my monthly salary is only enough to cover my expenses. No saving at all. But you won't believe what come out from my fren's mouth

If you like it, then just buy.

What is your ppl opinion? Is it really that nice? Really worth the RM254? I was planning to change my 2009 target from the handbag to Levi's jean. Haha...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Shinjuku Incident

To tell you the truth, I was anticipating this movie because, well, the actor is Daniel Wu. Mind you, it's Daniel Wu, not Jackie Chan. But 2 minutes into the movie, and I saw the screen display, main actor - Jackie Chan. And that's it!! No mention of Daniel Wu's name, nor other females actress. And that is when I had a bad feeling about this.

And it turned up to be true. This is how he appeared in the movie. Man!!

He is suppose to look like this!!

18SX. (No drooling please..)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I can't believe it!!

Wahoo!! The ever famous Dan Brown's book, Angels & Demons is coming to the big screen sooner than I finish reading the book. I have to say, this is one of my most anticipated movie this year. =)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

RM2 ice cream at 1TJ

I heard of the rumors about a super yummy ice cream at 1TJ before but never really have the chance to try it out. On Monday, I finally had the chance to try it out at 1TJ during lunch time. The ice cream stall is located at the food court and manage by a Korean.

To tell you the truth, it's totally worth the RM2 that you pay. The whole ice cream, including the inside of the cone, is FILLED with ice cream. Can you believe it? Usually cone ice cream, only the top of the cone is cover with ice cream but the core of the cone is filled with air. But not this ice cream, it's filled from the outside of the cone till the bottom of the cone. TOTALLY worth it. And not to mention the taste is super nice too. Better than McD's RM1.50 ice cream.

Yummy yummy...

Photo Exhibition at Crowne Square

Last weekend, I went out with my uni-mate Applely, and go crowne square kia kia and have a snack at Causeway Bay. While we are having window shopping there, she pointed out that there is actually a photo exhibition at the top floor, organized by the Sarawak Photo Art Society. Her dad is actually the president of the club, and surprise surprise, there is actually photo taken by her on sale there. Lolz...

Different photos at the exhibition.

Some of the photos there...

This is the photo taken by my friend. Anyone interested pls mail me ya... Each picture is priced at RM100.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Advice for Fresh Graduates During Tough Times

One of the great pleasures of my life is speaking to college and university students. My speeches are rarely political and mostly just the sharing of my experience, strength, and hope, to borrow a famous phrase. Lately I have been speaking a great deal about the economy, about which I know a bit, since I am an economist in real life as well as in movies and on TV. In my youth I also worked on economic policy matters in a small way at the White House.

As you might guess, the main issue today's students have in mind is what they can do in the currently difficult -- very difficult -- job market. What do I recommend to them to trump the problems so many young people are having getting started in the labor market?

Herewith, I offer a few suggestions. These are taken not just from my experience but from what my parents and their friends told me about graduating from college in the middle of the Great Depression, when unemployment was incomparably higher and times incomparably tougher than they are right now.

Learn a Genuinely Useful Skill

First, learn a genuinely useful skill. Abstract art and conceptual sculpture are great if your parents are wealthy. But if times are lean, as they are for most of us, learn to do what people need done: medical care of all kinds (the shortage of nurses gets more acute every week, and wages are skyrocketing), accounting, engineering that is used in defense, and any kind of work connected to the criminal justice system (crime is an ever-growing menace).

Second, and closely tied to the above, learn who is hiring. Right now, the main eager employers are in health care, education in urban and extremely rural schools, and above all, government. During the Depression, the main employer was government. Under the Obama administration, there will be immense new hires in most areas of federal government, but especially in the areas Mr. Obama has picked as his favorites: "green" power, education, and environmentalism.

Tailor your education and your skills to where the hiring is. You can always change your skill set and move to another area if you do not find government work or some other form of work appealing.

Never Enough of the Best People

Third, be the best at what you do. This is vital. My father often told me that, even in 1935, there was a shortage of top flight people in almost every field. "There are never enough of the best people," he used to say. If you are at the top of your class, you will have a vastly greater job vista than people in the middle or at the bottom.

I know some smart aleck will now say, "Well, Ben, we cannot all be at the top of our class." True enough. But you don't have to worry about the others. Just worry about yourself right now -- and have the best record you can have.

Learn great work skills. Learn to show up on time, to look neat and well-groomed, and to do whatever is asked of you with a willing attitude. Be up to date on all relevant computer skills and happy to learn new ones. Have a super positive attitude. Now is not the time for troublemakers and whiners. Your job is to produce some value for your employers greater than the cost of employing you. Make sure you do just that and do not create "negative utility," which means you destroy more value for your employers than you create -- by complaining, distracting workers, not getting your work done, and requiring a lot of supervision.

The Value of Thrift

Be thrifty. You will be far ahead of the game if you can live on much less than what you earn. Then you can have savings and build them up for the time when you move to a new city or a new job and require "starting-out money." It is just a great feeling to not be desperate.

Make every good connection you can. Almost all good jobs are gotten by who you know at least as much as by what you know. When people are hiring in both government and the private sector, a recommendation from a friend or colleague means more than test scores. Make and expand your web of friends and colleagues from the earliest possible moment, including high school. Your colleagues are a form of capital as real as money, even if not as liquid.

Imagine you are an employer looking at your whole college class. Would you hire you? If not, make yourself better. You can be a rebel later. For now, do what you need to do to get a job.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Looking back and Looking forward

I know it's late but my target need to change due to what is happening to the economy now.

Looking Back 2008

1. Went to KL for a shopping spree
2. Went to Bangkok (as planned before it gets bomb) and Pattaya
At Thailand, I had my first Tiger show and Ah gua show (Tiffany show)
3. Had my first Levi's jean
4. Invest in Share
5. Had my first Esprit T-shirt
6. Join Toastmasters Club
7. Read lots of books. At least 15, I think.

Target for 2009
1. Own a branded handbag (Greatest achievement considering the economy recession and pay cut)
2. Try to earn my first bucket of gold.
3. Learn a new skill. At first was considering yoga, but now focusing on Line Dance instead.
4. Try to achieve my CC10 and become a Competent Communicator in Toastmasters.
5. A change in workforce. Mid year career crisis coming soon if nothing is done.
6. Read more books this year. Target: 20.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Sushi King Card RM2 Bonanza 2009

As usual, every year Sushi King will be having Sushi King Card RM2 Bonanza specially for the members twice a year.

The first one for 2009 will be on 13-16 April 2009 for members in West Malaysia and 20-23 April 2009 for members in East Malaysia.

You can bring a maximum of 5 people only. Promotion is applicable only to sushi(rice based) on all coloured plates on the kaiten belt.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bing Coffee at Premier 101

Finally I had the chance to go to Bing! at Premier 101. The environment is conducive, although my companions commented that the design of the restaurant is messy, no common theme.

Pretty coffee right?

Funny thing that night is that someone actually wore the same type of shirt as my friend to coffee bing. Making my friend extremely paiseh that night. Haha... So, I guess it's not only me who kena. Really, if you hope you won't meet anyone wearing the same type of clothes as you, it's better to shop at other places. Else, shopping in Kuching, sooner or later you will definitely meet someone wearing the same clothes.

Caramel Macchiato

I order Caramel Macchiato. I search the web what does Macchiato mean. Base on wikipedia, macchiato means marked or stained, which is basically a mix of espresso and any kind of milk. Caramel Macchiato is a wonderfully sweet caramel coffee drink.

The truth, having a coffee at Bing is not cheap. It's almost equivalent to having a cup of coffee at Starbucks or Coffee Bean. The total bill that night...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Spoilt.. =(

One of the handbags that I like was actually spoilt!! ARGH!!

I only found out last night when I search through my collection for my Fila bag to bring to dancing class. I'm not sure is it because a cockroaches bite through it, or the humidity inside the box causes the skin to peel off. *sob sob* I bought this bag from Singapore and I only used it like 3 times?????


Line Dance at Premier 101

Yesterday, I went for Line Dance with SK at Premier 101. I can't remember the center name but it's located above Oriental Massage and besides Jade Tea House. I admit, it was fun learning how to dance. Although nearly all of the people who attended the dancing lesson are averagely 40-50 years old.

But you will be surprise to find out that they are actually very good at dancing. The only two potatoes learning how to dance are the youngest among all those dancing there, which is me and SK. Ok lah, I admit. I'm the lousiest, as SK did have some dancing background back during her secondary school. I had some hard time trying to coordinate my feet with the tempo of the music and finding my place when I take a half swing twice.

Nevertheless, I find it fun. Definitely going again next week. ^_^

Sunday, April 5, 2009

My new Sunglasses

As you all know, I bought a new sunglasses last Friday. Unfortunately, last weekend has been windy and cloudy. Thus, I have no chance to use my new sunglasses at all. =(

But nevermind, this morning I finally had the chance to use my sunglasses. Wow, polarized sunglasses really makes a difference. The reflected ray is lessen significantly and when I turned and looked at the roundabout, I don't have to use one hand to shield the sunlight and another hand on the steering wheel. =D

This is a snapshot of my sunglasses. Hehe...

Pikom PC Fair

Pikom PC Fair started on Friday and last for 3 days. Again... A disappointment for me. Because my aim was to look for a 8G pen drive. Before Pikom PC fair, the price outside has been RM40++ for a 8G pen drive and for a 4G, the price is around RM23-27. But this time, the price has actually mark up. A 4G pen drive now is RM30 and 8G is RM50. I was like "WTF?"

It's economy recession now right? But why hasn't the price drop? Apparently in Kuching, not only the IT stuff price increase, the price of the food also increase. I asked a lady who work there why is the price so high. The answer given is that one batch is different from one batch. And the organization actually control the price. That's why you notice when you go in, the price is the same from front to the end. Can't do much bargain there.

However, I won't say it's a 100% disappointment. Some stuff do attracts me, like the mp3 player, only RM59 for 2G. And the car modulator too... Too bad, due to salary cut, I can't afford any endulgement, especially since I just invest in a nice sunglasses. ^_^

Whole Store Half Price

Was attracted to the advertisement that Grand Supermart is having half price for all it's departmental items. Went there last night but what a disappointment. Indeed, all of the items are half price, but either the price has been marked up or the item on discount is also available at other store at a discounted price of 50% too.

Waste my time going there nia... ~_~