Sunday, November 29, 2009

Transcend 500 GB external hard disk

Went to the PC fair today and bought a Transcend 500GB external hard disk. Now I am having trouble how to partition it. Do anyone know?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ladies, stand up!

I introduce a friend of mine this blog. And he sent me a few quotes from the blog which he admired a lot. Personally I think it's very meaningful, but how many of us out there can live our life as stated?




Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Lam Place Beef Noodle @ Jalan Song

As usual, my colleagues and I were adventurous when it comes to food. So, one afternoon, a friend suggested this place and we all decided to went here for lunch. Kuching people mah, if there is a new place, sure people will flood there.

As the name suggested, this place is famous for it's beef noodles. The decoration inside is simple, with some really nice drawing/picture on the wall.

This is what I ordered. Skewed beef + Kolo Kueh Tiaw. We did ordered beef dumpling too but that's yucky in my opinion. Too much flour and too little beef.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I blew if off

On this. Guess what is it? I did mention before on my blog. And finally it arrived on Monday. Yay, so happy.

Nah, this is how the photo album looks like. I opted for softcover 40 pages album. At first I thought 40 pages is a lot, in the end it's only like 3 mm??

But still I like it. At least I have all my precious photo in hardcopy now. ;) However, this does not make me happy. Due to my medical report, I felt down and I have to admit, due to work stress too. Saw a beautiful crystal ring when I went shopping with a bunch of friends on Saturday night and was contemplating whether to get it or not since then. Finally, I went and bought it right after work on Tuesday.

Ladies and gentleman, let me present you, my beloved Tourmaline crystal ring in 3 colours. I treat it as my early Christmas present for myself. Hehe...

Original price: RM430, discount 50%. Damage: RM215.
Photo album: RM129 (not included shipping fee), discount 40%. Damage: RM90
Blood test: RM140
Damai Trip this weekend: RM50 + RM50 for dinner. Damage: RM100
Padini + Esprit: RM100
Bali Ticket: RM380

Total Damage: RM 1025

I guess I need to stop shopping for a while. Or OT (But am way too lazy to go for OT, sacrifice my health for OT is not worth it) Let's pray hard that my determination will last.

p/s: but I really LOVE my ring. Let's hope it will help to repel negative energy as intended.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Shanghai Renjai Cafe @ Jln Keretapi

One Saturday morning, I went with my dad to Gribbles with his blood test. After the test, we went to the nearest cafe for breakfast, and that is how we stumbled around Shanghai Renjai Cafe, which is right behind Bing! Coffee.

I have to say it, I'm impressed by the decoration inside the cafe. Not interior design, but decorations. A lot of the stuffs are ship from China all the way here.

Such as this big ship on the wall.

And then got this gigantic jade laughing buddha at the counter there. I wonder if it's fake one...

The drink we ordered. "Pak Pao Cha", meaning 8 treasures tea (direct translation, hehe). However, I only manage to see 6 different treasures.

We opted for the buffet breakfast. Quite a lot of choices, priced at RM10 per person. After that breakfast, I skipped lunch that day. Too full.... =P

Monday, November 16, 2009

My blood test result is OUT

Overall, my blood test is normal. Except some of the following:

LDL Cholesterol high (meaning, bad cholesterol high, fml)

Corrected Calcium low (meaning, I'm prone to osteoporosis, fml)

Homocysteine high (meaning, I'm prone to heart attack and stroke, double fml)

Guess it's time to watch up on the diet (take Vit B, eat more leafy vegetables which I absolutely hate), exercise more (meaning I need to get my fat ass out of my bed to the nearest gym), and stop stressing over my work (get the hint?).

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Have you?

If you were to have 5 years left to live, what will you do?

If you were to have 3 years left to live, what will you do?

If you were to have 1 year left to live, what will you do?

If you were to have 6 months left to live, what will you do?

If you were to have 3 months left to live, what will you do?



If you have 1 month left to live, what will you do?

Have you fulfilled your dream? Have you gone to places where you want to go? Have you tried the food you love? Have you laughed enough? Have you smile to the person you like? Do you have regrets? Have you touches snow? Have you? Do you?

Can you be sure that when you leave this world, you leave with a smile on your face?

Live life to the fullest. Life never repeat itself......

Sweet Dreams Cafe @ Premier 101

One afternoon, we went to have lunch at Sweet Dreams Cafe, which was situated right besides Tao Yuen at Premier 101. This shop was quite new, I think around one month old only.

The interior design. On one side of the wall, it's decorated with nice wallpaper.

Sort of curtain

Most of the cuisine there is "Foochow" style. One of the famous dishes.

Curry Lamb rice

But do bear in mind that it's quite expensive to eat here. For the above two dishes, each is priced at RM6.80.

Monday, November 9, 2009


I totally screw it. I just received bonus from my company last month, which was given out end of the month. And now, I officially announce, the bonus was reduced to ZERO already. At first when I receive it, I thought, "Wah, I am a rich lady. This can last me for a few shopping treats and maybe some facial/spa"

And it turns out, only 1 shopping treat. =(

Padini dress + Esprit shirt ~ RM100
Photobook album ~ RM100
Blood test ~ RM140
Vaccination for hepatitis A & B ~ dunno. Haven't got the quotation.

Oh wait, I make a miscalculation lah..... The total amount is way exceeding my bonus!! *GASP*

How do I get myself in this situation? T______T

Just when I'm proud of myself because finally I got saving this month.....

Saturday, November 7, 2009

What am I busying now?

Recently I'm busy doing a project. Hopefully I can get it done before dateline, which is the 16th of this month. Curious about my "big" project?

Hehe.. Ok. Check out the website.

I am designing my first photo album now. Need to finish it before 16-November in order to enjoy the 40% discount. ;)

To find out more, just click on the link above.

Ok, gtg. brb... after I finish my project. =P

Friday, November 6, 2009

Sesame Street Google Logo so Cute

It's the picture of COOKIE MONSTER from Sesame street. Basically I grew up watching sesame street and learning some simple english word there. Isn't it a bit hard to believe that sesame street has been with us for 40 years and yet Elmo or Cookie Monster or the Yellow bird still looks terribly the same. That's a bit scary lah...

UPDATE *6-Nov*

Another Sesame Street characters at Google Logo..... Awwwwwww.........

UPDATE *7-Nov*

UPDATE *8-Nov*

UPDATE *9-Nov*

UPDATE *10-Nov*

Little Hainan

Found out this eating place at Bormill, which is at the same row with GingerBread house. Since the interior design looks good, I decided to come here for lunch after my normal Church meeting on Sunday.

Outside of the coffee shop. Mainly the outside looks like old chinese house design.

The theme of this restaurant is mainly Chinese style. Got bonsai inside there as decoration also, but apparently it's plant that looks like Bonsai but not the real "real" bonsai. Kononnya real "real" bonsai is too expensive for a shop like this to have.

But what attracted me about this restaurant is not the interior design or the Chinese feel, it's the food actually.

I ordered the curry "three" meat rice. In my opinion, the curry together with the 3 different kind of chickens really make a good combination. The end reason: I am definitely coming back here again.

This is what the normal "three" chicken rice looks like without the curry. I still haven't figure out why they need to scoop the rice into 3 small hills. Is it because the portion is different?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I am Smart

All the readers of this blog should know that Little Rainbow is a SHOPAHOLIC. Yes, I admit it. I am a shopaholic, although I do try to wean myself off from this title but I failed miserably, very miserably. But since I enjoy the feel of shopping, I guess I just need to be a ......


Ya, I'm so smart all of a sudden. Hehe... Ok, let me show you an example. My shopping trip on Saturday at the Spring. Oh ya, before I forget, Spring had power failure that afternoon which lasted for nearly half an hour. And we weren't allow to go in shopping during power failure. Scare I will steal ur clothes meh? I'm not so unethical ok? Hmphh....

Anyway, back to main topic. Here goes..

1) A beautiful dress from Padini

I spotted this from a pile of clothes. And with my Padini Member card, it's 70% off. Initial price: RM119.00, after discount RM35.70. I never bought a dress with such a price before. Really a steal...... *Bleam*

2) Shirt from Esprit

Nice? This is the last shirt. Original price: RM99.90. And I bought it at RM39.90. OMG, No wonder I cannot stop shopping. Especially when you manage to get something nice, with very reasonable price which will make other gals out there envy by saying, Wah, really meh? so nice...........

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mitsu Tea House

I always knew about this place whenever I passes through BDC roundabout countless of time, be it on my way to work, or to the airport. However, I never step my foot into this comfy looking tea house until one Friday's afternoon, me and my colleagues decided to dine here.

Mitsu Tea House. The logo picture is a fat male with glasses, which looks scarily like the owner of the reataurant.

Looking through the menu and was attracted by this "Zhu Zai Bao" picture and cannot help ordered it although there is nothing special about this bun except the look. Being prank like a six years old girl... sheesh...

And this is how it turns out. *Dream scatters*

Luckily I have this lovely + tempting looking cantonese "duck" noodles to cheer me up. This dish costs RM6 but it is worth every penny of it. I cannot finish all of the food. It's that much....

Will definitely come back here again......