Tuesday, March 27, 2012

February birthday dinner

February is a special month for our family. Why is it? Because all those surname which is not "Wong" have their birthday during the month of February. 

So my mum decided one night for family dinner during February to celebrate their birthdays. So this is the couples photo for your review pleasure. Lol.. My sister used her Samsung S2 apps to edit the photo. Cute le?

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Recently, after satisfying my desire to own bags, now it's the desire to own as many different and nice dresses as possible. Found a few new sites which sells nice, quality dress with reasonable price. 

But as usual, it's really hard to get the measurements without having to try it on. I just bought two dresses online from two different site. Will show you more photos soon. ;)

New bags collection

Bought this full leather bag from Hilly's last year October. The reason is because I am getting really tired of all the peeling of my bags after keeping for some time or after consistent used. So this time, I'm going to invest in full leather and use it for a very very long time without having to throw away the bag and change new one. 

And so I invested in the following full leather bag from Hilly's. The reason I choose this bag is because it's the only full leather bag that is within my budget. (RM300). I was really happy when I bought this until someone mentioned this bag looks like aunty! =( But nevermind, what do guys know about fashion right? I called my formal, working bag, brownies.

During February, it's time for gift exchange. So after walking around Spring consercutively for two weeks, I decided on the following bag as my gift. I called it, Pinky. A bag for me to use during traveling. Since I will be going to KK soon to attend my cousin's wedding, I am officially going to bring this bag with me. ;)