Monday, February 22, 2010

Meet DOMO kun

Yay Yay!! I'm in holiday mood already. This evening went out with my bro to Boulevard with the intention to buy a new luggage, but unfortunately the sale was over. And averagely the price of the luggage is around RM300++ minimum. Too expensive for me lah. So, in the end I drop the intention and window shop instead.

Has a terrible experience when I went into the Ta Ta shop. Was nearly harassed by the sale persons there. So scary, never have this experience before. After escaping from the place, went up another floor and finally spot this cute bag. Ladies and gentlemen, meet DOMO!!

Wahaha... he very cute right? Although the inside compartment zip is spoilt, I still bought it. Cannot resist lah, look at him, he is basically shouting "Bring me home mummy!!"

Oh, I'm so in holiday mood. Went to Guardian and bought a banana boat sun block. Hehe.. Beaches here I come!! Together with my beloved DOMO kun. He is officially my favorite pet at the moment.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Holiyear, coughing, bla bla bla

Hi all,

First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all a Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine.

As usual, been busy with visiting, work, other stuffs, and due to sickness too, that's why I have not been updating my blog that often. Been sick since Friday before CNY, fever for 2 days, after that coughing until now and still haven't recover. Man, I really hate being sick. Imagine having coughing throughout chinese new year. All those delicious tidbits and junk food in front of you but you cannot take it. Arrrgghhh!!

But it's a good thing also. Slim new year. Haha...

Now, let's talk about my holi-half year plan. I'm not as rich as some blogger who travel nearly every week. But then in half a year, I will be travelling to 3 different places. Hehe..

March - Kota Kinabalu
May - Miri (maybe), Bali, Kuala Lumpur

Yahoo!! Now, I'm seriously thinking of buying a new luggage, one not too small, enough to put all my shopping loot, and not too big, not too heavy for me to carry all the way to airport and back. Hmmm, leather house maybe? Any suggestion?

Had a hectic weekend. Saturday slept until 12noon. Then lunch + bath, then go Spring meet up with uni couple and sing K for 2 hrs. Then left and meet up with Sarah, an ex-colleague. Had dinner then watched the movie Percy Jackson and the lighting thief. In my opinion the movie is quite nice. Then home zzz.

Sunday church as usual. Then meet up again with uni friends at MITSU Tea House and chat for nearly 4 hours. It was fun catching up and talk about working life now. Mic, Applely, KJ, we should meet up more often le.. Not just once a year or once two years. Evening time went jogging at Stutong park, had dinner then only come back home. Now, fb to harvest my cafe world food and zoo world. Man, life is busy..... But I like it, a lot. =)

And now I'm starting to get moody. Why? Because I need to work tomorrow. Sigh... How good if money fall from the sky and I don't have to work but at the same time don't have to worry abt $$$.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

V day gift idea

Valentine is around the corner. So is CNY. But personally I don't really like CNY, I like Valentine instead. Why? Because it's time for celebration. Can eat nice food in a nice environment, can be pampered, can receive gifts... Arhh... The person who created Valentine Day must be a lady. ;)

Do not have any idea what to buy for her during V day? Well, fret not!! Little Rainbow provides you with a list of stuffs you can surprise her.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Holiday, facial and cheese cake!!

Took the day off today and had a wonderful MY time. Wake up at around 9 in the morning. Handwash some clothes, then go a reheat the chicken pie that I bought the previous evening with Chai Lin and make myself a hot coffee, ate in front of the tv while watching the Korean drama F4. Sigh.. nice food, handsome guys.

Next, drive off my bro at the Spring and then I went to Crowne Square for facial. Went for the Soothing facial to calm myself and release all those tension pile up from work. After facial, went for a short shopping before going to pick up my bro. Manage to buy one t-shirt. ;)

Next, went to Jade Pot for lunch, then went to a DIY shop to buy the material needed to produce a cheese cake. Then reached home around 3.30pm. Then the cheese cake production began. I think I just let the photo speaks for themselves. A bit lazy to type liao as my arms are tired from crushing the biscuits that was needed for for the cheese cake base.

The materials
The instructions. Just follow it. Simple right?

Crush it until like powder
Like this
Add melted butter
Prepare the container
Put the biscuits at the base on it. DONE!
Chill it in the refrigerator
Add water
Blend it

Put it on top
Done!! Next, put it in the refrigerator again.

Well, how does it taste like I'm not sure since I haven't taste it. By tomorrow I will give u the answer. *Wink*

Sigh... This is how one is suppose to spend their holiday... Expensive day but totally worth it.

Normal Rockwell's birthday

I have no idea why this man is so famous but he was famous enough to let google change it's logo again. Apparently, this is the famous paint that he draw, a couple, looking at the sunset, with a dog besides their bench.

Maybe because Valentine is around the corner?