Friday, August 31, 2007

Singapore Trip

4th Day - Sentosa Day

Hmm.. to make it short. Let's just look at the photos, as it speaks louder than word. ^_^

Inside the cable car

Butterfly Park

Playing the mini race car
Beside the beautiful beach. Heaven
Typical~ The Underwater World
This is the best part of my trip. Seeing the pink dolphin performing and later, taking photo with the dolphin. ^_^

After the pink dolphin lagoon, on the way back.

Beautiful Flowers
Right in front of the Merlion ~ As memory before leaving. Are me and my sister CuTe? ^0^

Singapore Trip

3rd Day

On the third day at the Lion City, we went over to Vivo City for our third round of shopping. =) Vivo City is a newly constructed shopping complex. In t
here, even the floor is sparking clean. As usual, i do what i enjoy most and never get tired of it - Shopping. Hehe... =P
After shopping for a while, we go this beautiful Japanese restaurant inside the shopping complex for our lunch. Look at the environment. Fantastic~ Wonder when will Kch has this kind of places for us to enjoy. ~_~

Look at all the Delicious Sushi

After that, hehe... i went to watch movie, My first International movie, in Vivo City with "A". ;) I had to admit it, the cinema quality is totally different from Star Cineplex here. Over there, we can't choose the seat we can. It's free seating. But we can give suggestion as where we wan to sit. And the cineplex we choose has the biggest screen. While inside the cinema waiting for the movie "Harry Potter - The order of the Phoenix", the chair is totally design for VIP. It's so spacious and comfortable. =) Another experience that i will never forget.

After coming back to the hotel, hehe... as usual i took the photo of the things that i bought. Tomorrow, we will be going to Sentosa Island. As first, I am not enthusiastic about it since i went over there before when i was Primary 6 with my family. In my mind, there won't be much fun and i personally prefer shopping than sight seeing. But, how wrong was I...

Singapore Trip

2nd Day

waking up nice and sunny on the second day at Singapore. Then we left the hotel around 11am to Marina Bay. Reaching this big big shopping com
plex, we go eat at a Hong Kong Style restaurant. See all the nice food that we order and it's surrounding. ^_^

After that, we continue our shopping at that s
hopping complex. Hmm.. let me recall, if i remember correctly, i think the shopping complex is call Marina Square.

After shopping at Marina Square, we went to Suntec for our second round. Shopping at Suntec is much better than shopping at Marina, mainly due to price difference. ^_^ We stay and shop at Suntec until late evening time. At Suntec, we saw a lot of young couples kissing and hugging publicly at the shopping complex. Wow! This is whole new experience. In Kch, there is no such "pretty" scenery available. Hehe... Suntec is famous for the fountain of wealth - as the rumour goes, if one person walk around the fountain in three cycles and touching the water while making wish, your wish will come true. Ya, I know it is childish. Nevertheless, i still went over and make a small wish. Hoping (silently) that my little wish will come true.

See, lots of ppl believe this. I am not alone. ;-)

As usual, i enjoy my shopping there. Here is the picture of the stuff that i bought on my second day at the Lion City.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Singapore Trip

1st Day

Nice Saturday morning. Flew from KIA to Johor Bahru airport. Then take shuttle bus to the terminal, transit with different different buses (i had no idea which is which since someone show me the way), finally we reach the Custom. ^0^ Finally, it's my new passport open ceremony. Spend RM300 on the new passport just to go Sg for a vacation. =)

After checking in the hotel, it's nearly 2pm already. The first place to "chiong" is Orchard Road, Singapore shopping heaven. First shopping complex i step foot in is Takashimaya. At first I am not really that impress since the shopping environment there is almost the same as in KL. But when i saw the "high class" shop, my eyes nearly popped out of my socket. Looked at the price~ Won't be able to afford that with my current salary.

Look at it!! OMG~ (Chanel handbag)

After that, we went over to Far East. And over there is where i really start shopping. Wah, i really like Singapore. However, DO NOT try to do convertions. Else, you will think twice... or maybe triple before paying. Hehe...

First day prizes (^_^)v

Merdeka Eve

Yippee~~ It's Holiday tomorrow. Feeling so happy at the moment. Big Big boss is taking leave going to Taiwan for a visit. Will only be back after 2 weeks. hehe... Finally, finally... working here do not feel like a drag... However, that "vege" is still here. Sigh~ What to do? He is still my boss. If only he is not so "lo so", then things won't be so bad. keke~

No flashy plan tonight. At the moment, the only plan we had is to have ice cream at scoop. Later on... hehe... decide tonight lah. ^_^

3 days holiday. Really need to enjoy it to the fullest. Else very difficult to find some holiday to relax already. My dear dear getting marry in two weeks time. Ai~ I will be her main backup. That time most probably i will work till half dead ah!! ANYONE, anybody will do, anyone volunteer to help me during that period? hehe...