Thursday, August 30, 2007

Merdeka Eve

Yippee~~ It's Holiday tomorrow. Feeling so happy at the moment. Big Big boss is taking leave going to Taiwan for a visit. Will only be back after 2 weeks. hehe... Finally, finally... working here do not feel like a drag... However, that "vege" is still here. Sigh~ What to do? He is still my boss. If only he is not so "lo so", then things won't be so bad. keke~

No flashy plan tonight. At the moment, the only plan we had is to have ice cream at scoop. Later on... hehe... decide tonight lah. ^_^

3 days holiday. Really need to enjoy it to the fullest. Else very difficult to find some holiday to relax already. My dear dear getting marry in two weeks time. Ai~ I will be her main backup. That time most probably i will work till half dead ah!! ANYONE, anybody will do, anyone volunteer to help me during that period? hehe...