Friday, August 31, 2007

Singapore Trip

3rd Day

On the third day at the Lion City, we went over to Vivo City for our third round of shopping. =) Vivo City is a newly constructed shopping complex. In t
here, even the floor is sparking clean. As usual, i do what i enjoy most and never get tired of it - Shopping. Hehe... =P
After shopping for a while, we go this beautiful Japanese restaurant inside the shopping complex for our lunch. Look at the environment. Fantastic~ Wonder when will Kch has this kind of places for us to enjoy. ~_~

Look at all the Delicious Sushi

After that, hehe... i went to watch movie, My first International movie, in Vivo City with "A". ;) I had to admit it, the cinema quality is totally different from Star Cineplex here. Over there, we can't choose the seat we can. It's free seating. But we can give suggestion as where we wan to sit. And the cineplex we choose has the biggest screen. While inside the cinema waiting for the movie "Harry Potter - The order of the Phoenix", the chair is totally design for VIP. It's so spacious and comfortable. =) Another experience that i will never forget.

After coming back to the hotel, hehe... as usual i took the photo of the things that i bought. Tomorrow, we will be going to Sentosa Island. As first, I am not enthusiastic about it since i went over there before when i was Primary 6 with my family. In my mind, there won't be much fun and i personally prefer shopping than sight seeing. But, how wrong was I...