Friday, August 31, 2007

Singapore Trip

2nd Day

waking up nice and sunny on the second day at Singapore. Then we left the hotel around 11am to Marina Bay. Reaching this big big shopping com
plex, we go eat at a Hong Kong Style restaurant. See all the nice food that we order and it's surrounding. ^_^

After that, we continue our shopping at that s
hopping complex. Hmm.. let me recall, if i remember correctly, i think the shopping complex is call Marina Square.

After shopping at Marina Square, we went to Suntec for our second round. Shopping at Suntec is much better than shopping at Marina, mainly due to price difference. ^_^ We stay and shop at Suntec until late evening time. At Suntec, we saw a lot of young couples kissing and hugging publicly at the shopping complex. Wow! This is whole new experience. In Kch, there is no such "pretty" scenery available. Hehe... Suntec is famous for the fountain of wealth - as the rumour goes, if one person walk around the fountain in three cycles and touching the water while making wish, your wish will come true. Ya, I know it is childish. Nevertheless, i still went over and make a small wish. Hoping (silently) that my little wish will come true.

See, lots of ppl believe this. I am not alone. ;-)

As usual, i enjoy my shopping there. Here is the picture of the stuff that i bought on my second day at the Lion City.