Thursday, August 30, 2007

Singapore Trip

1st Day

Nice Saturday morning. Flew from KIA to Johor Bahru airport. Then take shuttle bus to the terminal, transit with different different buses (i had no idea which is which since someone show me the way), finally we reach the Custom. ^0^ Finally, it's my new passport open ceremony. Spend RM300 on the new passport just to go Sg for a vacation. =)

After checking in the hotel, it's nearly 2pm already. The first place to "chiong" is Orchard Road, Singapore shopping heaven. First shopping complex i step foot in is Takashimaya. At first I am not really that impress since the shopping environment there is almost the same as in KL. But when i saw the "high class" shop, my eyes nearly popped out of my socket. Looked at the price~ Won't be able to afford that with my current salary.

Look at it!! OMG~ (Chanel handbag)

After that, we went over to Far East. And over there is where i really start shopping. Wah, i really like Singapore. However, DO NOT try to do convertions. Else, you will think twice... or maybe triple before paying. Hehe...

First day prizes (^_^)v