Monday, February 22, 2010

Meet DOMO kun

Yay Yay!! I'm in holiday mood already. This evening went out with my bro to Boulevard with the intention to buy a new luggage, but unfortunately the sale was over. And averagely the price of the luggage is around RM300++ minimum. Too expensive for me lah. So, in the end I drop the intention and window shop instead.

Has a terrible experience when I went into the Ta Ta shop. Was nearly harassed by the sale persons there. So scary, never have this experience before. After escaping from the place, went up another floor and finally spot this cute bag. Ladies and gentlemen, meet DOMO!!

Wahaha... he very cute right? Although the inside compartment zip is spoilt, I still bought it. Cannot resist lah, look at him, he is basically shouting "Bring me home mummy!!"

Oh, I'm so in holiday mood. Went to Guardian and bought a banana boat sun block. Hehe.. Beaches here I come!! Together with my beloved DOMO kun. He is officially my favorite pet at the moment.