Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I am Smart

All the readers of this blog should know that Little Rainbow is a SHOPAHOLIC. Yes, I admit it. I am a shopaholic, although I do try to wean myself off from this title but I failed miserably, very miserably. But since I enjoy the feel of shopping, I guess I just need to be a ......


Ya, I'm so smart all of a sudden. Hehe... Ok, let me show you an example. My shopping trip on Saturday at the Spring. Oh ya, before I forget, Spring had power failure that afternoon which lasted for nearly half an hour. And we weren't allow to go in shopping during power failure. Scare I will steal ur clothes meh? I'm not so unethical ok? Hmphh....

Anyway, back to main topic. Here goes..

1) A beautiful dress from Padini

I spotted this from a pile of clothes. And with my Padini Member card, it's 70% off. Initial price: RM119.00, after discount RM35.70. I never bought a dress with such a price before. Really a steal...... *Bleam*

2) Shirt from Esprit

Nice? This is the last shirt. Original price: RM99.90. And I bought it at RM39.90. OMG, No wonder I cannot stop shopping. Especially when you manage to get something nice, with very reasonable price which will make other gals out there envy by saying, Wah, really meh? so nice...........