Friday, November 6, 2009

Little Hainan

Found out this eating place at Bormill, which is at the same row with GingerBread house. Since the interior design looks good, I decided to come here for lunch after my normal Church meeting on Sunday.

Outside of the coffee shop. Mainly the outside looks like old chinese house design.

The theme of this restaurant is mainly Chinese style. Got bonsai inside there as decoration also, but apparently it's plant that looks like Bonsai but not the real "real" bonsai. Kononnya real "real" bonsai is too expensive for a shop like this to have.

But what attracted me about this restaurant is not the interior design or the Chinese feel, it's the food actually.

I ordered the curry "three" meat rice. In my opinion, the curry together with the 3 different kind of chickens really make a good combination. The end reason: I am definitely coming back here again.

This is what the normal "three" chicken rice looks like without the curry. I still haven't figure out why they need to scoop the rice into 3 small hills. Is it because the portion is different?