Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Service Recognition Night

I cannot believe time actually passes so quickly. One day I was studying, next I have worked with the same company for 5 years. Actually, this year is the sixth year already. 

To reward those employees that have stay "long" enough in the company, they do reward us with one free dinner and gift (several gifts for you to choose from, but you can only choose one). The celebration is on 29-Feb (special date) at Pullman hotel. The colour theme of the night is gold, white or black. To be safe, I choose black.

Attire of the night
That is me dressing up but nothing dramatic.

Venue: Pullman. The deco of the night
The simple decoration that they manage to "wimp" out for the night. 
The menu of the night
The menu of the night. Even though it is an 8 course meal, but the portion is small. I think it's due to cost saving. The favorite terms being used nowadays, increase efficiency, reduce cost, yadah yadah.... 

But anyway, since it's free dinner and free gift available, of course I won't miss it. I need to maximize whatever "juice" that is being offered to me. As the saying goes, maximize the output right? 

The voucher

So, with the RM200 HAW Electronics voucher (Which I choose as my 5-Years award), I managed to get all the following stuffs. =)
Slow cooker

Hair dryer

Two fans


Dav DiDi said...

RM200 can buy so many things meh? how much is the slow cooker ?

RaiNboW said...

That slow cooker is the smallest one. Since only two of us eat, so we choose the smallest. I think around RM60 nia..

Newspaper Star said...

What is the brand of the fans? i cannot see clearly.