Friday, January 7, 2011

Dresden Part 2

As promised, Dresden Part 2.

1. Inside the Zwinger.

From Wiki:
The Zwinger (Der Dresdner Zwinger) is a palace in Dresden and a major landmark of German baroque architecture.

The location was formerly part of the Dresden fortress of which the outer wall is conserved. The name derives from the German word Zwinger (outer ward of a concentric castle); it was for the cannons that were placed between the outer wall and the major wall. The Zwinger was not enclosed until the neoclassical building by Gottfried Semper called the Semper wing was built to host the Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister art gallery.

2. Just outside Zwinger, with the wall and river.

3. Basically Zwinger is a rectangular park surrounded by buildings. This is the other side, Rampart pavilion, which is topped by a statue of Hercules.

4. Trade mark of Zwinger palace. The crown. And I'm the ruler of Zwinger. Lol...

5. A fountain of water.

6. King John Statue near Semper Opera House, Dresden.

7. The famous Semper Opera House or Semperoper. Listen to an orchestra here. Will blog about it soon.

8. The catholic hofkirche (Church of the Court) was built by Saxon ruler Augustus III as a counterweight for the protestant Frauenkirche.

9. Another view of Hofkirche cathedral.

10. The main door of Hofkirche

11. Around Theaterplatz, Dresden.

12. Hofkirche and Semperoper behind me.

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