Monday, May 14, 2012

Double-woot online shopping

My friend introduced me to a great online store one day. The online shop is called Double-Woot. So I check out their website out of curiousity and from then on, I'm hooked. Doublewoot offers a variety of dresses, tops, skirts and pants. But mostly it offers different type of dresses, which you will most definitely find one to suit different occasions.

I will share with you one of the many purchases that I made with DW.

The parcel. Using registered mail is free of charge

The dress

Good quality

Ta-da, nice? I wore it to my cousin's wedding
Their dresses are nice right? Besides this peach peplum dress, I had bought another dress called McQueen Skaterdress. The best part about DW is that when you first registered, you are given a RM5 discount voucher for any purchase. The dress is totally affordable at around RM60-RM75. For the month of May, they are having additional promotion whereby the postage using pos laju is also free of charge! *wink* I am going to use this opportunity to purchase another dress.

Why wait? Go check out their website now. Happy online shopping!

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