Thursday, May 14, 2009

La Beaute Expo 2009 (II)

Day 2 (9-May)

Finally Day 2 I arrived around 9.20am. Hehe.. Already trying to curi ular a bit. =P Saturday is actually the opening ceremony. They manage to invite a YB to attend. They made such a big show about it. Can you imagine 2 o'clock in the afternoon, under the degree Celcius of 40, wearing a super thick black coat??? I really salute these people.

And they specially prepare a culture dance for the YB. I only stay for a while to open the way for the YB to walk to the stage and snap a couple of photos, then I had to go out to the hot 40 degree celcius to continue my work.

And because the it's opening ceremony, we actually had free dinner at the Garden Hill. =) Actually that is leftover buffet food which the invited guest can't finish. So, they asked us to go and sapu the leftover nia...

But still the cake is nice. ;)

After the dinner, not many people arrive, maybe they are busy having dinner. So I curi went in and take a peep at the fashion show. I heard from the PA system that they are doing a fashion show from Spring to Winter, and the thing crossing to my mind is that something from Paris stage. But instead, this is what I get. Such a disappointment.

Day 3 (10-May)

Finally, phew, its' the last day. Basically, I just repeat the same thing that I do the previous day. At the end of the day, I quickly snap a photo of our registration booth for remembrance.

And the free gifts some of the exhibitors gave us. As a reward oh, she said, because we attract a lot of crowd to her booth. Hehe... Actually that day the PA system has been announcing throughout the day. We basically have to shout to le the visitor know what promotion is available.

Yay!! \(^_^)/

However, some stuff I still need to buy. A papaya jelly mask (Original price RM98, discount to RM40) and a eyeshadow (RM9)

Basically it's a nice experiece. But I think it will be a one time thingy. This is really using time and sweat to earn that little peanut money which is not even enough for me to buy my Levi's jean. ~_~

Of course, aching body and injured feet. (I took this picture while blogging. The background is my laptop) Can you believe I actually go to work the next day?! DD and Ching both took Monday off to rest at home.