Monday, August 2, 2010

Bali Trip Day 2 - Part 1

Our second day trip plan was as below:

From our hotel -> Denpasar -> Celuk (Silver smith) -> Mas (Wood Carver) -> Ubud (market) -> OKA (Bali Coffee & Natural spices) -> Kintamani (Lake Batur - volcano) -> Tegalalang (paddy field) -> Tohpati (Batik)

First stop the silver smith shop is extremely boring. The only thing interesting is the picture below ( which I took from the shop ).

Ooops, 18sx

Next, we went to the Wood carver's shop. I'm not sure why but apparently Bali is a very open place. They openly sold some of the word craving as shown in the pictures below. I can't help but get a bit high too. And by high I mean taking photo with them. Hehe..

After that, we went to have the famous cuisine (Bebek duck) as our lunch.

Happy me...

My Crispy Duck arrived

And of cuz the must have during Bali Trip, Bintang beeeeerrrrr

Crispy duck + Bintang Beer = Chubby ME
I gained 2 kg from this trip. Most of my photos are hideous....

After the dirty duck (The dish can be called as dirty duck, or crispy duck, or bebek pengel), we went to have the famous coffee that is only available at Bali, not in Malaysia. And that coffee powder costs like an arm and a leg, thus, cannot afford to buy.

Yes, the infamous coffee which is actually made of "shit" from an animal call Luwak or Paradoxurus. Explanation: below pic.

The thing shown above is not snickers chocolate. It's shit that looks like snickers, before it's grind finely then fry then packed then sold. Some of the shit coffee powder is already inside my stomach and the end product, is shit that looked like shit. Phew~

And don't worry. You won't get diarrhea from drinking this coffee.

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