Sunday, August 22, 2010

Kuching Festival 2010 Part 2 and MBKS

Went to Kuching Festival yet again yesterday since this weekend is the last two days. However, we reach there around 3.30pm, which is very early. So we walked around MBKS instead. To my surprise, I never knew there were so many nice parks and scruptures around.

Saw this very funny cat which was given the title "Miss Kuching".

On the left hand side is a park filled with a family of cats.

And on the left sides is a field full of colourful mushrooms. It's so cute. I cannot resist the temptation to take photos with the cute mushroom stools. ;)

Got blue colour mushrooms, and red pokka dotted mushrooms.

Then we went and visited the Garden Show.

After exploring for a while, the festival finally started. We are proud to say that we might be the first customers for a few stalls.

I only show the photo of a very special food here. For more post of food from Kch Fest, please refer to my previous post.


MeNotFunny said...

I have to admit, I like statues of cats and mushrooms more than the real thing. Sounds like a fun festival.

Anonymous said...

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