Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Repo Men 2010

Today, Fat Pig and I watched a long overdue movie called Repo Men. He somehow managed to download it despite his area sucks Digi 3G line and it's a uncensored version.

Basically this is the storyline: In the near future, if your organ failed and need to be replaced, there's a "organization" that can actually provide you an artificial organ and keep you alive. But the trouble is it's high cost. However, you can actually opt to pay the debt over a period of time with certain amount of interest. (Sounds familiar? Credit card? Bank loan?) Basically, once you cannot pay for the high maintenance, they sent out Repo Men to rip your body open and pull the organ out.

It's kind of gross with a lot of blood scene. Even the Fat Pig tore his eyes away from the laptop screen, where as I was keeping my eyes on the screen without trying to grimace or gag.

One of the scene where Repo Man was preparing for the "major" operation.

However, there's a twist to the ending of this movie which was wholly unexpected even for me. I just cannot believe that is the ending of the story. I mean what is the moral or objective this movie is trying to tell us? That what Repo Men is doing is all legal and it will continue? Sound to me like legal loan shark is allowed to operate in broad day light.

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