Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mum and Daughter

Yesterday my dad informed my mum that he will bring her to a dinner with his “ang moh” bosses. Since his bosses are bringing their wives, so naturally, my dad needs to bring my mum along too, since they will be playing the hosts here. Meaning, making the conversation, ordering the dishes, and ensure the dinner is a pleasant one.

Now, my mum is not one with very high education. In fact, she just graduated with a SPM certificate. And she totally panicked when my dad said he will be bringing her along. So, as her smart and loving daughter, I suggested to her a few tactics on “how to communicate with ang moh”.

1. Pardon? I beg your pardon? (The problem having a conversation with ang moh is that you can’t understand or catch their accent)
2. Excuse me?
3. Oh I see, I see…..
4. Just laugh when they finish a sentence if you don’t get it. Hahahaha….
5. If you can’t think of any topic to say, just begin the conversation by making a remark on the weather. Eg: Recently the weather is reeeeally hot! (With an Australia accent)
Now, do I give good advice?

1 comment:

Rose said...

hahaha! Good advice. i am sure your mum would be fine.