Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First Dinner at Erfurt, Germany

After check in and get rid of the 10kg luggage, we quickly grab our time and walk around Erfurt, Germany while searching for a place to eat. Luckily two of our colleagues had been there before and she brought us to a restaurant called Ubersee.

The eating place is just besides the river and the view is so so nice. It's really like going to whole different place compare to Asia.

One of the objectives I had when I knew I had the chance to go Germany was to drink beer or wine to my heart and belly content. So, without thinking much, I ordered a beer. One of my colleagues ordered a black beer instead and highly recommended to me. I did try it out and I have a confession to make, dark beer is way way better than the yellow colour beer. No wonder "Kilkenny" is such a popular drink here in Kch.

The pictures below are the food we ordered that night. Among the three dishes, I love pork ribs the best! Nom nom.... I start to miss the food there.

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