Sunday, September 26, 2010

Frankfurt Germany

Using new airline, Luthansa to fly to Frankfurt Germany from KL. Very very tiring. Can't sleep well, my back ached, and I can't bath for whole day.

Reached Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof. Very impressed by the building. Don't be fooled by the sunlight. Although it's sunny, it's extremely cold, at least for me.

Went for a tour at Frankfurt which costed us EURO 15 each. We just hop on a double decker bus, and it took us around Frankfurt and show us all the interesting places. The above photo was taken at a street behind St Paul Church. I am totally in love with the building there.

Another tourist attraction place.

After walking around Frankfurt for 4 hours, we took a train to go Erfurt. Along the way, we encountered a lot of unfortunately incidents, starting with us (me and my colleagues, this is a business trip) boarding the wrong train. Luckily one of our colleagues found out that we board the wrong train and quickly abort the train to take the next one. But alas, the train we board had technical issue causing us to strand at no where for 20min followed by a mechanical fix at the next train station before reaching our destination. Total journey = 3 hrs where as normal journey took only 2 hrs.

Alas, I reached our hotel at Erfurt, Intercity hotel. A nice cosy two single beds room.


Applely said...

So nice .... business trip? how lucky huh? hehe ..

RaiNboW said...

Hi Applely,

I feel so lucky that I was given the chance to go Germany for workshop by my boss. Germany is definitely one place that I can't afford to go at the moment if not because of my company.

And it's an awesome place. Like staying in those disney story places. If you have the chance, must try to visit Germany.