Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looking Back Year 2011

A lot of big incidents happened in the Year 2011. In short I categorized it as one big great happy new, one big sad new. The saddest thing that happened in my life was that my beloved grandmother passed away this year. I can still remember that is the day I cried the most. Although I had always been closed to my grandma, I wish I could have spend even more time with her. Now that she left us forever, all the great memory I had with her will stay with me forever. Grandma, I'm glad that you are besides our Lord and do not have to suffered anymore. 

Grandma and Grandpa

Good news for 2011, I guess most of you who know me all know about it. It's the new chapter of my life as Madam. Lol... Well, some people might consider marriage life as not-so-good-news. Well, some people did say marriage is love's cemetery. Regardless, I think we should always see things in the positive way. ^_^ 

Other things to remember for year 2011 is as usual travel to Krabi, changing department, but still at the old company (sigh), had my first own Coach bag and bought a new smartphone. That is all I can remember now. I will add to the list when I remember. Hehe..
Krabi trip