Sunday, December 25, 2011

Cute hello kitty bag + little bear pouch

Saw this cute hello kitty bag one night after dinner at Tabuan Jaya. I wouldn't lie and tell you I'm not attracted by this bag. When my eyes were catch by this bag, I'm really tempted to buy this bag. I was thinking, "If this bag is with RM1x, then I will grab it, pay for it, and leave the shop with that bag". 

But when I saw the price tag, I had a small shock of my life. This small hello kitty tote bag actually cost RM29?!!?! A bag made of clothes/cotton which resembles Hello Kitty actually cost this much? Well, needless to say, in the end, I curi-curi took this photo and left the bag back at the shelf and walk away empty handed.

Hello Kitty bag
Besides that, I saw this cute bear pouch while eating at Tabuan during Sunday afternoon after church on Christmas day. Since this one is cheap, only RM2, I decided to buy it. Lol.. If you ask me what do I plan to use it for, hehe... secret. But I can assure you that this bag will be put to good use.