Friday, October 10, 2008

Sematan & Lundu Trip P1

I know I know, this post was late, very late.... Actually I uploaded the picture already but I was just too lazy to elaborate anything. Currently I'm addicted to


Yup, it's true, numbers. It's the share market. Hehe... The share market is tumbling now. My personal financial adviser gave me a word of wisdom. It's time to join the battle field. Haha... Anyway, back to the topic. I went to Lundu and Sematan during one of the weekend during September. Too lazy to recall back the date. =P

So, the first stop: Lundu. Lundu is such a small town. Hmmm, it's as small as Sentosa 7th mile alone. You sit in the car, drive around Lundu, then you look at your watch, OMG, it's only 3 min. That's how small Lundu is.

Had to take photo with the proof. Else nobody will believe it. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Daerah Lundu.

Then we parked our car and went out for a walk. This is the mini garden at the center of Lundu town. (Nothing special)

Next, we went and walk along the shop houses. Saw this really cute cowboy hat, can't resisit talking a photo with it. Hehe.. (Because there is nothing else to do)

Exploring the shops took like... 5-10 min? Then I saw THIS. Fish market!! Oh ya...

Need to take some really nice photo for my blog, so I did the impossible. Yup, as you can see from the photo, holding a "live" crab. I haven't pose for the photo but my sis already snap it.*pls don't punch me crabby*

Ok, now is the correct moment. Quickly take the photo so that I can dispose away this scary crabby liao...

Stay tune for the next episode.....