Saturday, January 30, 2010

Joke of the week

This week, I received a sms from Celcom saying that they are currently trying to update their customer profile and ask us to spare some times to answer their phone call. I received their call this Friday.

This "indian" girl asked me some regular questions like my phone number, my IC number, mother's name. Now, the funniest part of the conversation is when she asked me what is my company name.

Operator: Okay miss, what is your company name?
Me: X Fab Sarawak.
Operator: Oh, s t that s is it?
Me: No no, it's X-men that x.
Operator: Oh, it's called X-men Sarawak.
Me: Hahahahahahahaha.................. No, it's not X-men Sarawak, it's X Fab Sarawak.

That really makes my day.