Thursday, November 15, 2012

Porkies @ Jalan Song, Kuching

Porkies is one of the restaurant that serve plenty of pork (as the name suggested ;)) and variety of foreign beer

During the month of October, since I feel like eating pork rib, I suggested to hubby to go Porkies to have dinner. Viola, when we reached there, it's full of Oktoberfest theme, with Irish song, Irish waiters and waiteress, and Irish beer. However, due to my condition, I just order normal drink instead of trying out the beer. 

The food we ordered that night, pork rib, garlic bread, and mix grilled. In the end we cannot finish the food and leftover some fries and corn.

Garlic bread. Good in my opinion..

The so-called famous pork rib at Porkies. But the pork rib that night was not really up to standard, it's not that juicy...

My "full-moon" face

Mixed Grilled. Honestly the meat all taste nearly the same

Overall, the food was only so-so that night. I noticed that the food at Porkies do varies each time I ate there. Maybe there are several cooks and when you are lucky, you get to try the food from better chef than others. How would I rate this place, for the price that you pay, I think you can get better food at other restaurant. 


Rose said...

Been there once. I enjoyed the food and songs there. :p

Dav DiDi said...

Tried out sausage gourmet