Saturday, April 2, 2011

Germany Trip

One of the goals in my life is to listen to an orchestra live in some European country. And my dream came true when I went to Germany for a business trip during September 2010.

When I knew I had the chance to go euro, I started planning out the things I wanted to do. I listed down 4 stuffs I would like to do, which are

1. Visit the wineries and breweries tour, and go wine tasting
2. Listen to a live orchestra
3. Experience Oktoberfest (Munich & Dresden)
4. Visit museums and park (Please just search under label Germany)

Basically I strike out #2,3 and 4. For #1, I think it's only half of it, although I did manage to try different beers and wine, but I didn't mange to visit any wineries/breweries. Well, basically that sums up my Germany trip. ;)

* My gosh, this draft has been sitting inside my blog for ages....

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