Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sushi King @ Spring

Super Kiasu, after dinner, went to the Spring again with my brother to try the Sushi King RM2 Bonanza.

But looks at the queue, it's so long. I q for 45 min. =(

Ok, check the time when it's our turn. The clock showed 8.25pm.

Then as usual hand-picked all the expensive sushi. But looks at that orange sushi, at first I thought it's salmon, but turn out it's not! Feel cheated!!

Near the end of the 45 min (The usual 1 hour time frame you are allowed inside sushi king during bonanza was cut short to 45 min only), the real salmon sushi is finally out. Can see the difference from the photo? Real salmon has more "fine lines". Lol...

The total that all of us ate. I think averagely i ate 3-4 plates only.

Checked the time again after sushi, it's 9.10pm. Within the time frame of 45 min.

In the end the total bill came out to be RM62.65 for 5 persons. Not too bad considering that I manage to eat unagi, baby octopus and salmon. Hehe..


Newspaper Star said...

How long was the queue?
Must be very annoying at the long queue..

Applely said...

But i think sushi king is getting more and more calculative. That 45 mins that i was inside there, unagi & salmon wont come out at all. Next time i wont renew my sushi king card anymore....

Newspaper Star said...

But renew the sushi king card can get Voucher worth RM20. Which we have nothing to lose. And then also we get free calender if we renew at year end.